Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Myth Of The "Arab Spring" Continues; Egypt's Occupy Misfits; Gallup: Romney Beats Obama Today; Really? 16 Vacations in Three Years? The Oscars: White And Proud!!!; The Nun and Elvis

GOP Introduces New "Mystery Candidate" With Paper Bag Over His Head...The Onion's Political News. They also report the GOP will reveal who the candidate is only after he/she wins the election.

  • If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know I refer to "The Arab Spring" as a myth, created by the media. There never was an Arab Spring and there never will be an Arab Spring (If readers recall, last year when the military took control of the government, I wrote then that nothing good will come out of it with the military in charge. At the time, the main stream media were praising the takedown of Murabak's regime).  As reported by countless news organizations now, Egypt is probably facing more challenges now than they did under Mubarak. USA TODAY, just this morning, reported, "The newly politically empowered Muslim Brotherhood...has supported a crackdown on those who disagree with them, including the very activists who helped bring about the free elections that the Brotherhood dominated." (Free Elections? That The Brotherhood dominated? You have to be kidding me). As many observers now have to admit, they swapped one corrupt dictatorship for another and this one might be far worse.
  • Remember Tahrir Square in Cairo? That's where the myth of The Arab Spring sprung. Well, it appears Egyptians are getting tired of their own form of Occupy misfits, thugs, and felons. One Egyptian interviewed said, "They do not represent Egypt...They talk and don't do anything."
  • PS: A Reminder To The Rest Of The Media: Egypt is still holding about 19 Americans hostage. Just thought you'd want to know.
  • According to Gallup, if the elections were held today, Mitt Romney would beat Pres. Obama by 4 percentage points (46% to 50%). Obama would beat Santorum by the slim margin of 1%age point, 49%-48%. By the way, I think one of the reasons the Occupy movement was such a bust is relatively simple. Excluding the misfits, thugs, felons and destroyers of the environment, they focused on "income inequality." Big deal. Income inequality has been around since before the time of Christ. And almost every Gallup survey shows that most Americans are more concerned about jobs and the economy than income inequality.
  • I've always hesitated to take any president or his family to task for taking some vacation time. As one of the toughest jobs on the planet, the president deserves a break (and, in actuality he never gets one. The White House basically travels with the First Family). But the Obama's have taken 16 vacations in the last 3 years, many to exotic places including Africa. If anything, it gives the nation the wrong impression during a time of economic "recession" and uncertainty.  It's as if this First Family is completely tone deaf. This past weekend, Michelle and the girls went skiing to Aspen (Memo to Occupiers: that's where many of the 1% vacation. Ever think of Occupying Aspen?).

  • Over the many years, Hollywood has prided itself on the other myth that, next to universities, they are the most tolerant people on the face of the earth (except, of course, when you disagree with them). So should it come as any surprise---since their "tolerance" is fake and phony--- the LA Times published a report The American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (The Oscars) is overwhelmingly---wait while I open the envelope---WHITE!!! (the audience is cheering and clapping now. Any wonder this thing takes 8 hours?) Yes, of the 5,765 people in the Academy, 94% are white (once again, the audience interrupts with cheers and clapping). And, of those, 77% are men whose median age is 62!!! The Boomers in the crowd jump to their feet and give the Academy a standing ovation all the while proclaiming, "Yes, We're Still White and Proud!!!" Ladies and gentlemen, tolerance at its finest.

  • There is a good back story to the Oscars this year. Those old enough might remember the beautiful babe of an actress, Dolores Hart. She even appeared with Elvis in Loving You. Well, she left Hollywood to become a nun. She happens to be on the Academy's board and votes on films.  She also plans on being at the Academy Awards this year. She's pictured above smacking a wet one on The King.
  • How much money has Greece now received to avoid imploding further? I believe the world has lost count. I think the number now stands at almost $200 billion. At least it's good news for the Market.
  • The main stream media has been bashing the NYPD for some time now. They appear to have a problem with the NYPD's monitoring of Muslim student activities.  The usual charges have been filed like racism, Islamophobia and more.  Amazing considering many of the 9/11 attackers posed as STUDENTS! Amazing considering in the last 11 years, the NYPD, with the assistance of the feds, have been busting terrorists who planned on blowing up bridges, tunnels, government buildings and subway systems. Memo to the Main Stream Media: it's called good police work you putzes.
  • God bless Whitney Houston. But I do have a question: the funeral is over right? We can now turn our attention to information that matters. For example, the total number of U.S. causalities in Afghanistan now stands at 1901. I thought I'd mention it since the media has not kept a regular causality count since Pres. Obama took office.