Monday, February 20, 2012

John Glenn: 50 Years Later We're Still A Nation With The "Right Stuff."; Why Iran Is Very, Very Dangerous; The Left Just Can't Help Attacking People of Faith; Gallon of Gas Up 100% In Last 3 Years; "Baby Boomers" Now Have To Work Till They Drop; First They Came For..." Reagan Best President

Obama Urges Citizens To Hide Evidence Of Our Formerly Prosperous Lives From Nation's Young Children...The Onion

  • Today we marked Washington and Lincoln's birthdays. We also marked the 50 anniversary of John Glenn's historic trip around our planet. With everything that is going on in our country today, we might delude ourselves in thinking we're not a nation of great heroes. But don't fall into that trap. We're still the greatest nation on the same planet that Friendship 7 encircled 50 years ago. We remain a nation with the "Right Stuff." The evidence is everywhere (perhaps with the exception of Congress and Executive branch of government), and we don't have to look far. Our military is made up of some of the bravest and honorable men and women who ever wore a uniform. On 9/11, our First Responders showed us all what courage really means. On that same day, thousands of Americans proved, once again, to the entire nation and to the world; we're a nation that does not back down. We still have the "Right Stuff." We have a duty and responsibility to protect that tradition. Yes, at times we may come up short. But when that "moment" challenges us, we're not scared to declare, "Bring it on!"  I can assure you; George Washington and Abe Lincoln are smiling down upon this great Republic.

  • On my post yesterday, I wrote about the Iran problem. In short, I asked how long will the civilized world put up with their nonsense. It's clear Iran is one of the most dangerous regimes on earth right now. And our dithering and appeasement continues to embolden those lunatics. Amir Taheri who is Iranian and who has been very critical of the current regime recently wrote this: "The process {endless talking to Iran} suits Iran fine. It gives 'hostile powers' something to chew on while Iran does what it wants. It also enables US and European leaders to tell their respective publics that they are 'doing something.' And it helps Russia and China to claim that, because diplomacy is working, there is no need for rougher action..." And Taheri reminds us that the Iranian regime has said time and time again that the goal of the regime is the destruction of the capitalist system. In fact, they've also said their goal is to fly the flag of Islam over The White House. I know what many Americans would be saying right now: Bring it on!
  • When Pres. Obama took office, the price of a gallon of fuel averaged $1.79. It is now averaging about $3.60 a gallon. In fact, fuel has never been this high at this time of year. Could it be that the administration has still not allowed more drilling on federal lands? (Gas Buddy).

  • Whatever you think of Santorum, have you noticed the media and the left just can't help bashing him not for his policies, but for his faith. They did the same with Tim Tebow and some have done the same with Jeremy Lin. What the common thread that connects all three?  They don't withhold proclaiming their Christian values.
  • AP is reporting that Baby Boomers are coming to the realization that retiring at 65 is increasingly becoming a pipe dream. In addition, AP points out that Boomers are not only competing for jobs with guy down the street, but now they have to compete with the guy in China. The recession has basically put the kibosh to any early retirement plans to millions of Boomers.
  • It's not only the Catholics who are in opposition to the government mandates on contraception but now other Protestant denominations are voicing their concerns according to AP. And even though they do not oppose contraception, they do oppose they attack on religious freedoms. In fact, over 2500 pastors and Evangelical leaders have sent a letter to the White House expressing their concerns over the mandate. Brings to mind that famous quote: "First they came after the Communists, but I was a Communist so I said nothing. Then they came after the trade unionists, but I said nothing because I was not a trade unionist. Then they came after the Jews, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew. Then they came for me but there was no one left to speak for me." The good news: we're speaking up.

  • According to a recent Harris Poll, Americans believe Ronald Reagan is considered the best president since WWII. Reagan bested FDR and John F. Kennedy. On a personal note: Reagan, in my opinion, is the best president since Lincoln.
  • And from the "The Truth Shall Set You Free, But First It Will Make You Miserable" File: