Sunday, February 19, 2012

Iran: When Will We Take Their Threats Seriously?; It's About Freedom!; I See Dead People Voting; Yes, MSN Does Bow To Obama; Who Loses With Social Security Payroll Tax Deal?; Congressional Crook Update

GOP Voters: "Can We See What It Looks Like With Huntsman and Perry Again?" Onion headline.

  • When will our administration and the UN going to take Ahmadinajad's threats seriously? This is a guy who has vowed to wipe Israel of the map. This is a regime that is working on developing nuclear weapons (the world dithered with North Korea so long, they finally developed nuclear weapons. Britain and most of Europe appeased Hitler, and the world learned a horrific lesson: appeasement does not work when you're dealing with maniacs). This is a regime that had plans to assassinate diplomats in Washington, D.C. This is a regime that bombed diplomatic vehicles in India and Thailand last week. This is a regime that is enabling the Assad regime. And this is a regime that has funneled weapons to Afghanistan and Iraq to be used against Americans. As I write this, Iran announced it's cutting off oil sales to Britain and France. I say unleash Israel--they have the will and the means to take this prick out or at least his nuke facilities. As Goodwin recently wrote, "Look at how Iran is acting. Now imagine it with a nuclear weapon."
  •  Benjamin Netanyahu said this recently: "Iran has been exposed for being the most irresponsible power on earth today. The one that exports terror with abandon is murdering people and breaking all the rules."
  • While Ahmadinejad said this just last week: "I hope we reach a point where we will be able to meet all our nuclear we won't need to extend our hand before the world's dastardly people." Yep, sure looks like a guy we can work with.
  • News Alert: We might be in for some major bump in fuel costs. As stated above, not only has Iran taken action against Britain and France but news wires are now reporting that Saudi Arabia is cutting its oil output. Prices have already risen on this news in just the last hour.

  • In "Braveheart" Mel Gibson yells out "Freedom!" as he's being gutted and killed. If anyone does not think that the contraception debate is really about freedom and not about the rights of women, then they are not paying attention. I'd also suggest they watch "Braveheart" again.  As many now know, the president shifted the burden of providing "free" contraceptive services from religious based organizations to health insurers. As Krauthammer said recently, "On what authority?" In other words, if the government can force this upon us, what else can they compel us to do---forcing insurers to pay for toothpaste? The problem is not with contraceptive services, the problem is with the mandate (like ObamaCare).  If I were a Republican strategist (and I don't even play one on TV), I'd suggest Republicans focus on the growing intrusiveness of government. After all, haven't we heard Republicans always telling us they believe in smaller government? Well, they have an opportunity to alert Americans about the encroaching assault on freedom, free enterprise and the free exercise of religion. The question is whether they have the balls to get on this challenge. If recent history is any indication, we shouldn't hold our breath.

    • How often have we heard the lie that the media is not liberal and/or progressive.? If that's the case, then why have we seen 19 professional reporters and media executives hired by the Obama administration according to the Washington Times?  Many came from CNN, ABC and the Washington Post.
    • A former member of the Bloods said he was talking to the Bloods and Crips and both gangs decided not to commit any crimes during Whitney Houston's memorial service. Wow, isn't it nice to know these thugs actually have a heart?

    • Most liberals and progressives oppose voter ID laws. Most conservatives support such laws.  Those in support simply want voters to show a valid state-issued ID document. Meanwhile, the Justice Department moved to block South Carolina's voter ID law. Why? According to them (meaning according to that incompetent nitwit, Eric Holder), voter ID laws discriminate against minorities. So who is right? Let's have the data and facts do the talking  Pew Research recently reported that active voter rolls in the U.S. includes 1.8 million dead people.
    • From the "You Wanta Laugh Your Ass Off File"---When the late Tim Russert interviewed Pres. Obama during the president's campaign while he was still a senator, Obama said, "My greatest strength, I think, is the ability to bring people together..."
    • One reason may critics are calling the unemployment numbers bogus is because 11 million workers have left the workforce in the last 4 years. In 2000, 64.4% of working age Americans had jobs. As of this past December, that fell to 58.5%. Daily Caller

    • While the likes of the Huffington Post praise Pres. Obama for "winning" the payroll tax debate, all younger Americans need to know this will have even a more devastating effect upon Social Security. The reduction in the Social Security payroll tax will almost $100 billion through 2022.

    • Time for "Light Meaningless News": Do you know which TV shows have been the longest running? In this order: Gunsmoke (633 episodes); Lassie (588); The Simpson (500); Law and Order (456); Death Valley Days (452); The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet (435); Bonanza (430); American Idol (399); My Three Sons (369) and Alfred Hitchcock Presents (361). Do you notice something? Of the top 10, only 3 are recent.

    • Weekly "Congressional Crook Update"---the guy above is still a congressman.