Friday, February 17, 2012

Even Obama Girl's Crush On Obama Faded; Vulture Capitolists; All Those Freebies; Now It's A War on Women; Danica Parick at Daytona; What Do Jeremy Lin & Tebow Have in Common?; RIP Gary Carter

A group of Democratic fundraisers is offering a dinner with the president for $35,000.00. Unfortunately, the only person in America who can afford it is Mitt Romney....Conan

  • Well, if anyone is looking for that benchmark on how the Obama administration has been performing these last three years, you don't have to search far and wide. It's right in front of all of us. Amber Ettinger, the original 2008" Obama Girl," admitted her crush on Pres. Obama has faded. In her latest release, "Glease"---borrowed from "Grease"---she tells the president he has "step-up." (Note: Don't be fooled. This is a publicity stunt that has knuckleheads like me and others writing and talking about her. She's still going to vote for him).
  • And The San Francisco Chronicle is reporting that one of the largest campaign contributors to the Democrat Party has decided to keep her check book closed for Obama. Susie Tompkins Buell has given millions over the years to the likes of  Bill Clinton, Al Gore and even that fake, phony and back-stabbing fraud, John F. Kerry. She said she's disappointed with Obama's environmental track-record, especially on climate change. She made no mention of the millions out of work due directly to this administration's policies. No, she's only concerned about the weather.

  • Of all publications, The Washington Post reported this week that "federal funds flow to clean-energy firms with Obama administration ties." Now, to many of us who have known this for some time, it is interesting that the report is coming from a suck-up progressive rag like the Washington Post. They report on a Sanjay Wagle who as a 2008 Obama supporter and venture capitalist (here that Occupy Wall Street?). After Obama got elected, Wagle got a nice appointment with the---now hold your breath; this will probably surprise you---the Energy Department. But the story gets even more delicious. This guy was appointed just as the administration "embarked on a massive" energy program to try to stimulate the economy.  Wagle was one of a group of venture capitalists, who provided start-up capital to green companies, who was "moved" into the Energy Department. But you ask, how did Wagle benefit? Well, the Energy Department provided almost $2.5 billion in public funding (code for taxpayer money) to those clean-energy companies in which Wagle's former firms had invested. In all, WaPo reports they found almost $4 billion was given to 21 companies backed by firms with connections to five Obama administration staffers and adviser. Vulture Capitolists or just another example of Obama's "Hope and Change?"
  • A political cartoon in USA TODAY shows Pres. Obama standing in front of a front porch with a donkey and elephant (symbolizing Congress). A family of three including their dog is is standing on the porch. The bubble above the president's head says, "We did it! Here's another payroll tax-cut extension." The bubble over the husband's head reads, "Ok. We got mortgage help. Tuition help. Tax cuts. What else?" And the bubble over his wife's head, "How about giving us a free vacation?" And whose paying for all these freebies folks: look into the mirror.

  • Yesterday, I reported on that fake, phony and fraud Al Sharpton, a guy who preaches cutting taxes but fails to pay them himself. Yesterday, one of his limos was at La Guardia awaiting to pick up the race-baiting thug. But Sharpton's limo was waiting in a "no-standing" zone. A police officer approached and asked the driver for his paperwork. Low and behold, the vehicle had a suspended registration and no evidence of insurance. At that point, Sharpton emerges from the terminal, sees what's going on and starts yelling at the cop. When asked about the registration and insurance issues, Sharpton said that someone at the office will handle that. Folks, another example of how the entire country continues to enable these creeps. NY Post
  • Rich Lowry of National Review wrote a great piece on how the Left views the Catholic Church's opposition to the contraception mandate as a "War on Women." He also proves how absurd that is. He points out a study that reported 99% of women who have been sexually active in America have used birth control. As he states, that data doesn't sound like a country facing a crisis of contraception. In addition, Lowry correctly points out that there are countless government programs available to poor women who want access to contraceptives---for free. And he also shows that anyone can go to a pharmacy and buy a box of condoms for just a few bucks. The fact is, like Michelle Obama's School Lunch Police, this is just another example of government over-reach. Fortunately, they ran into two brick walls: The Catholic Church and The U.S. Constitution.

  • What do Danica Patrick and Jeremy Lin have in common. Nothing really other than being celebrities. But Danica will be racing at Daytona and that's great news. She also said in an interview she'd rather be referred to as "pretty" to "sexy." Hey, whatever you say Danica. It's okay with me. I even included another image of you on this blog. Yes, you are pretty. Whatever you say.
  • Regarding Jeremy Lin and his explosion on to the NBA scene. I'm just wondering when the critics will be coming out of the woodwork like they did when Tebow expressed his Christian beliefs. In an interview in the NY Post, when asked, "Describe your ideal mate," Lin replied, "First she has to really love God and be a faithful Christian." Yo, I got someone for you bro. Just look up.

  • RIP Gary Carter (1954-2012): You were one hell of a ball player.