Thursday, February 16, 2012

Is Half The Nation Delusional, in Denial or Just Plain Stupid?; Al Sharpton: America's Premier Fake, Phony and Fraud; How Much Longer Will Israel Put Up With Iran's Aggression; Memo to Gov. Christie: No Half Staff For Houston; See What Virgins Await Islamic Terrorists in Heaven

In The Onion's "Science and Technology" section this week: New Biography Reveals Einstein Devised Theory Of Relativity On Paper Because He Wasn't Smart Enough To Invent Microsoft Word."

  • I read the report yesterday that Pres. Obama's polling on his performance has bumped up to 50% in some polls (according to CNN). It's difficult for me to put my hands around the fact that 50% of Americans actually believe he's doing a good job? So this next question raced through my mind: Is half the nation delusional, in denial or just plain stupid? Just today, USA TODAY reported that the poverty rate for children under 18 is now 19.2%. For working age Americans, it's now at almost 13%. The poverty level for African Americans is now at 25.3% (that's 1-4). In other words, in the first three years of this administration---the poor became even poorer. Over 46 million Americans are now in poverty. One in two people in America are now classified as "low income." (this means the "Middle Class" is shrinking).  Median household income fell almost 7% from June of 2009. Under just 3 years of this presidency the national debt has skyrocketed (now approaching $16 trillion and his budget proposal has it rising to $26 trillion in the next 10 years). We were promised that once ObamaCare was passed, health care costs (that infamous "cost curve") would decrease. Instead the average premium for a family rose 9% in 2011. And just this morning, MSN reported that Sears, Macy's, J.C. Penney, Gap and Talbots are barely hanging on. Or, as I reported last week, counting 22 vacant store fronts in a South Jersey town. And all of the above does not even include the Solyndra type scandals and corruption, the Fast and Furious scandal, severe budget cut proposals to military retiree health insurance, severe reductions in our military in a time of war and as China, Russia and Iran continue to militarize (Marine Corps cuts of 20,000, Army to cut over 70,000 and cuts to our Naval forces as well as six squadrons in the Air Force), proposed tax increases, eliminating the Keystone pipeline, the government over-reach on faith and even what our children eat at lunch in school. So I return to my initial question: Is half the nation delusional, in denial or just plain stupid?
  • And even if the economy improves somewhat, don't Americans see the damage that's been caused to both the country and Americans in just the last three years? There are millions of Americans who will never recover from this mess, never.
  • I have a question for the administration regarding the imposition of providing contraception in the workplace and in health care plans: If an employer does not want to provide a contraception benefit to its employees, how is that putting at risk the health of the employee when contraceptive methods and options are readily available elsewhere? In fact, the decision to engage in sexual activity and the use of contraceptives is a personal choice or one of conscience. Or as one person wrote recently, since the administration shifted the costs of contraceptives to health insurance agencies, that means non-Catholics will have to cover the cost. And it also means atheists will have to pay for Catholics who sin (Marc Perkel)

  • Al Sharpton,as well as many others, is one of America's premier fake, phonies and frauds. He rattles on about the rich having to pay more taxes, yet as reported in the NY Post several times, he owes almost $3 million in back taxes in addition to almost a mil on state taxes. And to make matters even more absurd, MSNBC actually hired this clown to host one of their shows. If you need any evidence the world is up-side down, all you have to do is look at this guy's history (go ahead. I dare you to Google him. See what you've been missing)
  • In case you missed it, Iran acknowledged it's making its own nuke fuel. In addition, western intelligence sources reported Iran has allied itself with al-Qaeda. Also, three Iranians were arrested in Thailand because they were planning to assassinate Israeli diplomats again (the devices they found were the same type of explosives found at the blast site earlier this week planted on Israeli diplomatic cars in India and Tbilisi Georgia). One has to wonder how much patience Israel has to put up with this overt aggression. (Washington Post, NPR, USA TODAY)

  • Memo to Gov. Christie: I like most of what you've done with New Jersey, but your decision to fly the American flag at half staff for Whitney Houston is wrong. Name a street after her. Name a building in Newark after her, but don't lower the flag. It's totally inappropriate.