Monday, February 27, 2012

Apologizing To Our Enemies Made It Worse; Is Islam Full of Homicidal Maniacs?; American Hostages in Egypt Now on Trial; Is ObamaCare Hurting Obama?; Contraception Was A Diversion; Less than 1 Hour To Get A Fake Social Security Card, Drivers License and...; The Academy Awards;" Act of Valor" Comes In Big

President Obama said he understands that rising fuel prices are making people worried and fearful. Especially in his reelection campaign, they are really fearful...Leno

  • Last week, after Pres. Obama and others from his administration apologized and bowed to the Afghans for the Koran burnings, I was one of the first to say it was the wrong thing to do (check it out. I was ahead of almost every pundit and even Newt. I swear on my dog's life). Now many others agree: apologizing to our enemy is wrong, and it's a sign of weakness. Almost immediately after the president apologized, those homicidal ideologues murdered four of our military personnel. Suicide bombers are now murdering innocent people all over the country. As one commentator remarked, someone may have been clumsy in the handling of the Korans, but it's no excuse for murder.

  • One has to ask this question, because it needs an answer: Is Islam full of homicidal maniacs? Yep, there I asked it. Why? Because that question is being asked by millions including those on the Left and other Muslims (even though they will never admit it). Has this religion---this theology---just become an excuse to go out and murder innocents? Since 9/11, there have been over 18, 400 Islamic terrorist attacks world-wide (and their homicidal ways did not begin on 9/11; it began centuries ago).  On February 12, 2012, on that one day, about 45 people were murdered by Islamic thugs in 3 different countries. Three worshippers were murdered in Nigeria. Three girls, ages 2-10, were killed in Pakistan. An al-Qaeda suicide bomber murdered 30 people in Yemen. (Source: The Religion of Peace) It goes on and on. That's just one day. Almost every single day of the year, they murder innocent Christians somewhere. That's the kind of enemy we are facing, and you don't apologize to people like that. You hunt them down and kill them. The less there are of those lunatics, the more of us will be safer. It's that simple.
  • And a reminder to the media that continues to fail to highlight it: We still have American hostages being held by Egypt. In fact, they went on trial yesterday. How many of you knew that?

  • Rasmussen Polling shows Pres. Obama at 45%.  It also shows Romney and Ron Paul beating him (but still within the margin of error). And Obama beating Santorum but also within the margin of error. So it came as no surprise to me when I read this headline in USA TODAY: "Health Care Law Hurting Obama." A USA TODAY/Gallup Poll reports that in the battleground states (Michigan, Ohio, Colorado, Florida, Pennsylvania and several others), a clear majority of registered voters called ObamaCare a "bad thing." When these voters were asked, in the long run, how do you think it will affect your family,  42% responded it will make things worse (41% of nationwide voters).  But what is truly remarkable, when the same people were asked how has the law affected your family, 72% said it has no effect. In other words, most Americans don't like what they see in this law so far even if it has not affected them. They just don't trust it.
  • Even high-profile democrats are having problems with ObamaCare. Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska and Claire McCaskill of Mo.,  openly questioned the mandate issue. Many say of the mandate, if the government can mandate this, whats to stop it from mandating annual checkups, maintaining a specific BMI, eating specific diets (already being done by the way by the federal school police) and other medical procedures?
  • Among Catholic voters, Rasmussen reports Obama is at 40%. He received 54% of the Catholic vote in 2008.
  • This is the narrative coming out in the media and by Democrats in attacking Romney and Santorum: Mitt is too rich. And Santorum talks too much about religion. While there's truth in both---what's so wrong about either? Many Americans are rich and many Americans are people of faith. So?
  • Romney gave a speech last week at a football stadium in Michigan. The stadium hols 65,000 seats. Less than 2000 people showed up.
  • Some Lefty pundits took Mitt to task for say, "I drive a Mustang and a Chevy pickup. Ann drives a couple of Cadillacs..." Hey, if I was a Detroit auto worker, I'd stand up and give Mitt a Hooah!!!
  • Last week, I said that Santorum fell into the contraception debate trap. I feel that more now than ever. I believe one of the reasons the Obama campaign threw that issue out was to deflect the attention of Americans from all the other problems with the economy, the poor handling of the Middle East issues and more. And what's the media been targeting: Santorum's faith.
  • Is Obama playing the race card again? According to many reports, Pres. Obama is launching "African Americans for Obama." Well, all you white folks who voted for him, I guess---you've been tossed under the bus (you'll bump into Obama's grandmother there).
  • As one observer recently wrote with all of the issues surrounding Iran, the American hostages in Egypt, the insanity in Syria, etc., can anyone define the Obama administration's foreign policy?
  • How long did it take for a reporter of the NY Post to get a fake NY State driver's license, a fake social security card and a fake permanent resident card?---Less than 1 hour. It cost the reporter $260 bucks. The NY Post also reported there are at least 10 mills that produce this stuff in just one small section in Queens. Imagine how many of these mills are operating all over the country. Perhaps we don't want to know.
  • How bad is the burden of public pensions becoming? In NY alone, the total bill for public union pensions rose from $1.7 billion in 2002 to almost $13 billion today. That's a 630% bump when the national inflation rate jumped 26% during the same period. The question being asked is simple: can municipalities and states afford this explosion in public pensions?

  • The White House Dossier is reporting that Michelle Obama served up 2000 calories dinners to the annual meeting governors. This as she travels across the country promoting healthy eating.

  • Okay, if I must. I caught a little of the Academy Awards. There was only one reason I watched it and the reason is above. My girl looked awesome in that black dress with the looooong slit down the side. Really, I have no idea how she puts up with me.
  • In case you missed this weekend's box office numbers, "Act of Valor" kicked serious ass. It took in almost $25 million this weekend. How about another Hooah!!!  None of the other half-dozen war movies bashing our military in the past 8 years have come close.
  • So what how do most Americans feel about Washington, D.C. Look down:

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