Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Obama Plans To Disarm Arline Pilots: Insanity!; Iowa Democrats Abandon Capitol In Protest of New Proposed Gun Laws; Now Islamists Want To Take Over Jordan; Is Santorum's Surge Now Over?; Ohio School Shooting; Grand Jury Convened To Investigate MF Global---Finally

During Vice President's speech in North Carolina, a man on stage kept falling asleep. The worst part? It was actually Joe Biden...Fallon

  • A number of publications today are reporting that the Obama administration plans on disarming airline pilots.  Almost half of the budget forThe Federal Flight Deck Officer Program (FFDO) in the president's 2013 budget is targeted for reduction from the current $25 million to about $12 million (although the number of armed pilots is classified, USA TODAY in 2008 reported that 1 in about 10 pilots are armed). This proposal begs several questions. First of all, $25 million is a dime in the scheme of things. Cutting this trillion dollar budget by $12 million is like cutting off a piece of crumb from a 12 inch crumb cake. So what's the real reason for slashing a program that is vital for air security? Has the Obama administration already forgotten about 9/11? Moreover, this program has proven to be both effective and efficient (about 28-30% of current airline pilots are former military pilots). In addition, it's relatively cheap (perhaps that's the answer. This government prefers to spend millions and billions on programs that don't work. I think the stimulus bailout comes to mind). The Obama administration is justifying the cuts because they believe the "hardening" of the cockpit doors is sufficient (I guess they don't know a hardened cockpit door can be blown open. And we already know from past experience, Islamist thugs have been able to get explosives on board of some aircraft. There is no such thing as a door that cannot be penetrated). The fact is armed pilots, behind hardened cockpit doors, are in the best tactical position to protect the aircraft from being hijacked. If a terrorist can't get to the flight controls, he can't fly the plane into a building or target. In fact, prior to 1987, many airline pilots were armed with no problems. In addition, prior to the arming of pilots, those in opposition said there would be accidental shootings on board aircraft. Never occurred. To paraphrase Tracy Price, a former airline pilot, "How can government officials...deny those passengers the final line of defense that could save their lives...armed pilots." 

  • Perhaps this story is more telling. House Democrats in Iowa left the capitol yesterday in protest of the legislature planning on expanding gun rights and a proposed re-write of the law on "reasonable force." If you recall, Wisconsin Democrats left the state last year in order to stall the vote on their budget. These Dems are cowards. When they can't take the heat, they just leave the kitchen.

  • If you've noticed, with all of the upheaval in the Middle East and North Africa, Jodan has been relatively stable.  But that might change. The Islamic Action Front and The Muslim Brotherhood are starting to cause some problems for the current Jordanian regime (a monarchy). USA TODAY

  • Dan Galvin wrote in a letter to the NY Post today: "There are hundreds of million of Korans in print all over the world. Any time someone burns one, does all of civilization have to fear a murder spree by Islamlists somewhere?..." I says to Dan: Yes. History proves it.
  • With Romney's win in Michigan and Arizona last night, the pundits are already asking: Is the Santorum surge over? Personally, I don't think so---not yet. I think Super Tuesday might give Republicans and the nation a better snapshot, especially with Ohio in that mix.
  • Santorum did kick Romney's butt with the Tea Party folks, and those who identified themselves as "true conservatives."
  • Did you notice the media's initial reaction to the school shooting in Ohio was that he shot the other students because he was "bullied?" The fact is it now appears the shootings were random. But they wanted to hang their hats on a convenient excuse for what he did. He's a murderer. Plain and simple.
  • There is some good news with the economy---with Wall Street at least. The Dow is back to the levels it was in May of 2008---about 13,000. I think Bush was still president then. Oh, by the way, the US Debt at that time was $9.3 trillion. It's now approaching $16 trillion. And what was the unemployment rate at that time? 5.4%. You know what it is now.
  • Great News: A grand jury has been convened to investigate MF Global, Jon Corzine's old company (Corzine, former NJ Governor, Senator and CEO of Goldman Sachs and big funder of Pres. Obama).
  • While Pres. Obama was addressing United Auto Workers outside of Detroit, he promised them, after he leaves office (I don't know if they cheered when he said that), he would buy a Chevy Volt. Since Chevy is selling a whopping few hundred each month, that probably came as good news to the auto workers.
  • Sen. Snowe ((R-Maine) announced she will retire. Of course, the Dems and Left loves this news because they believe they now can put a liberal Dem in her seat. Yo!!! Memo to Dems: she's always been a real liberal Democrat anyway. According to the National Journal, she's voted with Democrats---a lot. She's been a Republican in name only.

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