Thursday, March 1, 2012

Left Continues To Ambush "Act of Valor"; Media Continues Slamming NYPD; Obama Gets A Pass, But Santorum Does Not; Fannie Mae Wants More Of Our Money

Some sad news. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is reportedly in good condition after major surgery...Leno

  • It should surprise no reasonable thinking American that the Left would ambush "Act of Valor." And it didn't take long either. The Huffington Post, a left wing piece of garbage, hammered the film in their review last week. Criticism of any film is expected. But the writer, Jordan Zakarin, went above and beyond being an asshole critic. For example, in his piece, he writes "there are no corrupt officers, no damaged heroes, no queasy doubts about the value of the mission or the virtue of the cause." You can tell by that quote; this knucklehead has watched too many movies almost always depicting the military or cops as corrupt. And it pains him that most "real" warriors are far from that image that Hollywood likes to portray. Next time you hear anyone on the left say they support the troops but not the war---don't believe a word of it. They've always hated the military and always will.
  • And if slamming the Navy SEALs and "Act of Valor" is not enough, the media is going ape-sh!t of the NYPD's  monitoring Muslim students and activities.  The usual cries of "Islamophobia" have been proclaimed in response to NYPD surveillance activities (all legal by the way). Yet these are the very same critics who would be bashing the NYPD if another 9/11 or similar event took place. After all, most of the 9/11 terrorists---were students.  But, as Dr. Qanta Ahmed, an American Muslim points out in her piece today, Muslims are freer in America than in any Muslim country in the world.  In fact, she even writes that Muslims are freer to practice their religion here than in any Muslim country. She ends her piece with this: "If you choose to smear the NYPD for its work to protect us and our society, so too you choose to smear me, a pluralistic patriotic Muslim in America, for demanding honest discourse." Let me tell you something, this women has balls. She knows writing this stuff puts her life in danger. God be with her. New York Post

  • As I predicted several weeks ago, the media and the Obama administration are waging a Holy War against the Catholic Church and faith in general. I don't support everything Santorum says but I have to give him credit for being courageous in the face of the onslaught upon his faith. Where are The Templar's when we need them?

  • And mark this day, should Romney become the chosen one for the Republicans, you will start seeing hit pieces about his being a Mormon. They did it in 2008; they will do it again.
  • Rasmussen is reporting today that Romney now has a 16 point lead over Santorum nationally with likely Republican voters.
  • By the way, gays and the Left take Santorum to task for opposing gay marriage, but why do they give Pres. Obama a pass when he has the same position as Santorum's?

  • While I'm on religion and faith, I always ask myself why would any Israeli support Obama? He still has some generous support of American Jews.  Yet, he called to end settlements in the West Bank, he insulted Netanyahu several times and lectured  Israel on a host of other issues including telling them to resist launching any strike on Iran. The good thing, as far as I can tell, is Netanyahu takes no sh!t from Obama. I hope he maintains that posture and does not cave (when Obama raises foreign aid money as he'll probably do to ensure most American Jews vote for him---again).

  • Last week I wrote that Pres. Obama's apology would make things worse not better for us and our troops. Today, two more our our soldiers were shot by an Afghan soldier. And the president actually had the gumption to say he apologized to calm things down.
  • If you are wondering where all your tax dollars are going, Fannie Mae is asking the feds for almost $5 billion more. They've already received almost $120 billion in the last 3 years. They report they lost money last quarter.