Friday, March 2, 2012

Does Pres. Obama Even Care About Our Nation?; Real Inflation At 8%; Birth Certificate Issue Is A Loser; Obama Fails The Test On The Economics Of Oil; Santorum Slipping in Ohio; Don't Believe What North Korea Promises; Putin is a Thug; Wilt The Stilt

From The Onion's "News in Brief"...Jury Selection Proving Difficult In Trial Of "The Jury Killer." Phoenix: "Defense attorneys for Thomas David Skrepnak, accused in 1999 of fatally stabbing all 12 members of the jury hearing his armed-robbery trial, are having trouble finding unbiased jurors for his upcoming murder trial. 'It's difficult to find a jury that won't be at least somewhat prejudiced against Thomas,' said lead attorney Patricia Wynne...'"

  • I know. I know. Some readers, perhaps many, would be asking me what the hell do you mean by your question, does Pres. Obama even care about our nation? Even I have to admit, I don't know if I would have asked that question if it weren't for one fact (although I know many Americans are asking that same question but for other reasons): According to a report in Politico {"Fundraising: Obama's Real Priority"},  Pres. Obama will hold his 100th fundraiser since declaring reelection (Bush had 49 in the same period). Obama's had 33 since January 1 of this year. So the author of the Politico piece asked some good questions: What could Obama have done with the time he's been hobnobbing with wealthy donors (I might add with the countless hours spent on the golf course and the 16 vacations)? She said he could have "crafted a responsible budget." Or he could have met with congressional Republicans "to find common ground on legislation." (note: the president always blames Republicans for being obstructionist yet he rarely meets with them). She also points out he could have worked with the Senate to "help pass the 28 bipartisan jobs bills that House Republicans have sent him." The author leaves us with this: "...The president is more dedicated to saving his job than doing his job. He loves the thrill of the campaign but avoids the difficulties of governing."  So I leave you with another question to my initial question: was the question really that out of line? (I think Socrates would really like me).

  • This might go under the file---"Like, We Didn't Know This Already?" Unfortunately, most of the media don't report on this. But I have to give kudos to CBS Money Watch for reporting that the real inflation rate is actually 8%. The American Institute for Economic Research reports if you take out big-ticket items like appliances, cars, computers, etc. but only focus on "daily purchases," it's quite a sticker shock to most Americans. As I and others have been reporting for some time: look at the street level. The economy still sucks big time there. One example, did you know now students at many college campuses are relying on food pantries because they too are struggling to get enough food and supplies? In addition, as I've written about in the past, several small towns I've visited over the last month or two throughout NJ and PA have more than half of their  small retail establishment vacant. USA TODAY

  • Allow me to give the Birthers some advice---take it or leave it. Get off this birth certificate controversy. It's a loser. All it does is help Obama because the media frames birthers on the fringe. There are literally countless other issues that this administration can be taken to task. Stick with targeting many of the disturbing policies generated by this administration. Let me put it this way. Birthers have been on the issue for over 3 years now and where has it gotten them: nowhere. Whether Obama's birth certificate is genuine or not will not take this administration down, but his lousy policies can. Don't waste your time.

  • Last week, I wrote that Pres. Obama and every president can't be held totally accountable for the spike in oil prices. I still believe that's true because speculators on Wall Street have more influence on what happens with the price of oil. However, another piece in the Politico this week, does take Obama to task on the issue of oil economics. For example, in their piece entitled, "Presidential Lesson On Economics: President Obama Is Peddling Nonsense On Gasoline Prices," they point out correctly---in my opinion---that "Obama's fixation on government-driven green energy---which doesn't come close to being competitive now---has cost the nation that potential growth." And what's the potential growth they refer to? ---generating economic opportunities in hiring, dividend payouts, spending and more. They also point out a study by the Wood Mackenzie that suggests the president's policies "eliminated the equivalent of roughly 1.27 million barrels of oil per day between 2010 and 2015." In addition, that eliminated more than 650,000 jobs and $36 billion in potential government revenue. That's the lesson this administration failed to learn.

  • According to the latest Quinnipiac Poll, Santorum, although still leading Romney in Ohio,  is fading in that state, one of the states slated for Super Tuesday next week. But both are still within the margin of error. Santorum only leads Romney now 35% to 31%. Rasmussen also has Santorum up 33 to 31%. Also, in national polling, Rasmussen has Romney way ahead of the entire pack. Romney at 40%, Santorum at 24%, Newt at 16% and Paul at 12% with 6% undecided.

  • Does anyone really believe that North Korea plans on suspending their uranium-enrichment program? North Korea has never kept any promise its ever made to the global community---not one.
  • By the way, elections will be held in Russia this week. It appears that thug, Putin, will win. Putin has always been a thug; he will always remain a thug.
  • I believe it was yesterday I wrote that Fannie Mae is asking for more money, about $4.6 billion. They've already received more than $120 billion in the last three years. How much is that costing each of us? According to Smart Money---$1,300.

  • Fifty years ago today, Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 points in one game. The question being asked now is: will anyone ever do it again? I doubt it, but you can never say never when it comes to records in sports. But one thing is certain, those NBA guys took more shots than they do now.