Monday, March 5, 2012

Did President Obama Lie Last Week?; It's Them vs. Us; Can Israel Trust the United States?; The Free World's Dilemma; One Comment on Limbaugh's Comments; There Are No Such Things As Hate Crimes; Gun Sales Climbing; PETA Kills A Lot of Animals; Help Americans in Tornado Stricken America

While visiting the GM plant last week Pres. Obama pledged to buy a Chevy Volt after his presidency ends in five years. Today Mitt said, "Make it one year and I'll buy it for you."...Leno

  • Referencing Leno above, in his speech to union auto workers at GM last week, Pres. Obama did say he would purchase a Chevy Volt after he left office. But a curious thing happened within 3 days of that speech: GM announced it would halt production of the Volt and lay off 1,300 production line workers. So I ask this question: Did Pres. Obama know that GM would cease production of the Volt when he told GM workers he would purchase a Volt? The answer to that question is YES! How could he not know. The government owns a piece of the company. He knew. And because he knew, he lied. And this was not a small fib. It was a bold-faced lie. This is very similar to the scandal involving Solyndra. At the time, Slo Joe Biden praised the company. Did he know it would go bankrupt too? I don't know the answer to that question, but these two definitely knew about the Volt's poor sales numbers.  (Chevy has only sold 10,000 Volts since 2010. Twenty-percent were sold to the U.S. government. And how much did the Volt cost each taxpayer because GM received a bailout from US taxpayers?---try $250,000 grand according to the Mackinac Center for Public Policy.)
  • And before anyone says, "Well, all politicians lie." Yes, many do. But this speech to the auto workers was a major policy speech. The president wasn't visiting a local diner and just shooting the breeze with several auto workers over a cup of coffee. He knew the Chevy was suspending operations when he spoke to all the auto workers.

  • Speaking of politicians lying, I came to a conclusion many years ago. It's no longer Democrats vs. Republicans; it's both parties vs. the people. Both of these political parties sold out years ago, perhaps many decades ago. They don't have our interests in mind anymore. It's now all about pandering. It's all about lying. And it's all about lining their pockets with wads of OUR money or else just giving our money away. This may be a cynical view of politics, but from what we've seen over the years---can anyone come to any other conclusion? I doubt it.

  • When Pres. Obama told Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, that Netanyahu knows the US "has his back," I have to wonder what went through Ben's mind at that point considering how poorly this administration has treated both Netanyahu and Israel.
  • Note: in just the last hour, Pres. Obama reiterated to Netanyahu, he has Israel's back.
  • This is the dilemma the Free World is now facing: As former Defense Sect Robert Gates said recently: "Those who say we shouldn't attack {Iran}, I think, underestimate the consequences of Iran having a nuclear weapon. And those who say we should underestimae the consequences of going to war." And Mike Huckabee said, "This is the West's nightmare scenario: a radical Islamist regime committed to Israel's destruction on the verge of possessing nuclear missiles capable of launching attacks on Western European cities, and, eventually, the United States."
  • The fact is diplomacy only works with lunatic nations if the threat of military action against them is genuine.

  • Let's be clear about Israel and its survival. Israel cannot and will not allow an enemy like Iran--- who has promised to wipe Israel off the world map--- get or make a nuclear bomb. Moreover, Israel has to trust the US to watch its Six.
  • In addition to all of these problems in the Middle East, Americans need to know tha Russia has sided with Iran. Also, Russia vetoed two resolutions on Syria in the UN Security Council. And Iranian's Defense Minister Vahidi said last week said that Syria is "Iran's advance defense line..." NY Post
  • In case you didn't hear the news, that thug Putin won his election in Russia to be president---again.
  • Rush Limbaugh was inappropriate in calling that woman a "slut" last week. It was wrong, and I believe he apologized. But the bigger mistake he made was giving the Left and the media an opportunity to, once again, divert the attention of American voters from the real issues (On more time, the issue is not about contraception or the rights of women, it's about freedom). Having said that, how often have we heard the likes of Bill Maher, and the hosts of MSBC make comments just as inappropriate as Limbaugh's comments? Yet, rarely does anyone demand apologies of them.
  • If you've been following the trial of the Rutger's student who used a Web cam to peer into his roommate's liaison with another man (his roommate was gay) and his roommates subsequent suicide, the prosecutors and the media are trying to portray this tragic episode as a hate crime. I've never believed in classifying crimes such as those as hate crimes. My reasoning? Who decides that another person's life has more value than anyone else? Why? Because they happen to be black or gay or Hispanic?
  • The NY Daily News is reporting that some black youths in Kansas City poured gasoline over a white boy and set him on fire. According to reports, the black youths said, "This is what you deserve white boy." Will that be classified as a hate crime? It shouldn't in my opinion, but if it was the other way around---it would be.
  • Early polling in Ohio shows that conservatives are falling away from supporting Santorum. Neverthless, polls now show that Romney and Santorum are deadlocked in Ohio and Tenn.(Quinipac polling)
  • According to an recent AP poll, 82% of Americans are against the mandate that requires us to have health insurance per ObamaCare.
  • While I'm on polling, Gallup found America's "unhappy" index rose.

  • And AP is reporting gun sales are going through the roof? Why? Because many Americans are fearful Obama might get re-elected.

  • For those of you who continue to donate to PETA, did you know that PETA has killed more than 90% of the animals it's taken in since 200%? In 2010, The Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services discovered that fully 84% of strays taken in by PETA were killed within 24 hours. NY Post (note: the image above is that of puppy strays)

  • Speaking of donating, the Red Cross and Salvation Army are taking in donations to help the people in the tornado stricken heart of America. To donate to the Red Cross, call 1.800.733.2767 or go to the web site. To Salvation Army, call: 1.800.725.2769 or go to their web site.