Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Romney's Florida Win: A Look Inside Those Numbers; Danica Patrick; Holder Accused of Dodging Questions; Do Americans Really Hate The Rich? Soul Train Creator Dead at 75; It's Black History Month

Snoop Dogg endorsed Ron Paul for president. Snoop said he likes Paul's positions on everything from legalizing pot to legalizing pot...Conan

  • While the media is doing their usual review of a primary win (in this case, Romney's), few drill down into the numbers that provide additional details.  For example, Republican voters by a wide margin (58% to 33%) believe Romney can defeat Obama. Moderates/Liberals chose Romney over Gingrich by almost 3-1. Hispanics voted for Romney by almost 2-1. Independents clocked in for Romney 41% to Newt's 27%. Women overwhelmingly voted for Romney 52% to 28% (A recent Mercyhurst University Poll in Pennsylvania reported women chose Obama over Romney 44% to 36% even though they gave Obama a "C" grade for his first term. However, it was a small sample of only 598 female registered voters. In addition, the poll was weighted towards Democrats. 42% identified themselves as Democrats, 31% as Republicans and 23% as Independents. So I question the validity of this poll overall).
  • Back to Romney vs. Gingrich. 62% said the economy was the top concern. Romney hammered Newt in the "favorability" numbers with 75% having a favorable opinion of Romney to just over 50% for Gingrich. 45% said the most important quality in a candidate was electability (written about on this blog several times). Right experience was important to only 20% of the voters. USA Today, NY Post and AP
  • So what can be learned from these numbers?  I think it's that Romney is stronger than most thought. And Newt is not as strong as most thought. In fact, looking at the numbers above and others, Romney won every significant category but one. Voters identified as "very conservative" went to Gingrich. As I wrote a week or two ago, Romney also came on stronger in the last several weeks. He showed he can take it to his opponent. He showed some old fashion moxie. In other words, he showed to voters if he can take on Newt; he can take on Obama.
  • Having said all that, there's still about seven primaries and caucuses between now and Super Tuesday in March. Romney won most of those in 2008.(And Remember, Newt didn't file in Missouri Straw Poll that has 52 delegates to be chosen at their March 17 caucus). Bottom line: we have a long way to go yet and anything can happen.

  • Hot Babe Break: My second main squeeze (behind Angelina of course), Danica Patrick, will be making the first five Sprint Cup races of the 2012 season. This means she will be driving at Daytona.
  • Almost all Americans know by now that Eric Holder, Attorney General of the U.S., appears to be hiding something regarding the Fast and Furious scandal. In fact, Darrell Issa, Chairman of the House committee investigating the scandal said just that. He said Holder could be held in contempt for failing to provide more documents to the committee. The Justice Department countered that they have already provided thousands of pages of documents. So this charade continues.
  • If Americans are angry at the rich or if they want more distribution of the wealth, then why don't they show more of that anger or resentment? Because, as several Pew studies showed almost 45% of Americans know most of the rich got rich by hard work. They also understand rich people do create jobs. Many of these same studies also showed that what Americans don't like are the rich who got rich via political influence or through some shady business practices. The fact is many of the CEO's who got major bonuses from companies that were saved using tax payer money pisses many Americans off. And it should. That's what Americans don't like. As Michael Medved wrote recently, "The biggest challenge for Mitt Romney isn't that America hates the rich; it's that the public hates the undeserving rich, and deeply resents privileged punks and politically connected connivers who never performed constructive service to make their millions." Romney does not fall into that category.

  • The rich guy Americans should be wary of (not hate) is Warren Buffett. Not because he's rich, but because he's a big hypocrite. Here's a guy who proclaims at every chance he gets that investors get taxed at a lower capital-gains rate of  only15%---yet that's how he made his fortune. And, his company, Berkshire Hathaway, owes millions in back taxes going back to 2002.(Huffington Post, The Blaze, NY Post). This guy is a big fake, phony and fraud.  By the way, when is his secretary ever going to disclose how much she makes anyway? He's used her so often in public, the public has a right to know in my opinion. What is the salary of the secretary to one of the richest men on earth?

  • TMZ is reporting that Don Cornelius, creator of Soul Train, is dead at 75. He appears to have been a suicide. All I have left to say: Peace, Love and Soul!!!
  • Let's not forget some of our nation's great Black Americans.  February is Black History Month.