Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Can Newt Pull Of A Flordia Surprise?; Did Snoop Dogg Endorse Ron Paul?; To Date, Green (Con) Jobs A Bust; Myth of The Arab Spring Continues; Feds Playing Around With GDP Numbers? Corzine, Where Are You?; Is Peyton Manning Staying or Getting Dumped By The Colts?

"Coroner Levels Wobbly Examination Table With Piece Of Ear." The Onion's "Extra" page.

  • Could Newt still put out a Florida Surprise? I don't think so but that's the question many are now asking. Newt has a knack of coming on strong in the final two days. And, the most overused word in the campaign thus far as been "fluid," but the polls certainly reflect the uncertainty among the Republican voters.
  • Could promises such as this sway Floridians? Newt said that his would dismantle about 40% of the government. Folks, if you believe that one, I know a small bridge that spans French Creek in upstate NW Pennsylvania that you can have for a buck because that's all it's really worth.
  • But wait. After all, it was Obama, as candidate, who said his own election would mark the moment "when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal." I think one could put both of these promises in the same category---unattainable and utterly delusional.

  • Just the endorsement Ron Paul has been waiting for. There are many reports circulating that Snoop Dogg endorsed Ron Paul for president. The Chicago Tribune begged the question after Snoop's Facebook page has a photo of Ron Paul with an accompanying headline, "Smoke Weed Everyday." Ron Paul supports personal use of weed. And Snoop enjoys toking a lot according to many reports.  Someone was quoted long ago that politics makes strange bedfellows. This one, if true, certainly adds credibility to that statement (In fact, I personally know a few people in the Cleveland area that welcome this development).

  • Do you remember when Pres. Obama and Slo Joe Biden said Green Jobs will repair the ailing economy? Well, the results are in. The administration's Green Jobs initiative has fallen well short of its goals (Or as I like to refer to it: Green Con Jobs). In fact, it looks like a bust. USA Today is reporting House Republicans are investigating what happened to $500 million targeted for green job training. In fact, it appears the feds only reached 10% of their goal. The program was to train almost 125,000 people and put about 80,000 to work. But almost two years later, we're looking at about 53,000 trained and only 8,000 found jobs. In fact, one company, Pathstone Corp, a non-profit, received an $8 million grant and trained a whopping 25 people. I happen to support the creation of green jobs. I just don't believe green jobs alone will get us out of this economic mess as the administration wants us all to believe.

  • I like bringing news of the "Myth of the Arab Spring" to my readers on a regular basis just to illustrate how badly this administration has failed in foreign policy in that region of the world. It is now being reported by Al Masry and the Egypt Independent that the Muslim Brotherhood is threatening to cancel the Camp David Agreement (I wonder how Jimmy Carter feels about this group now?). USA Today is reporting on the persecution of Christians throughout the Muslim world, including in Egypt. And, don't forget, we still have Americans being held captive in Egypt (they work for human rights organizations).  Many reports have been surfacing this week, those Americans are now seeking help from the U.S. Embassy in Cairo.
  • Just for the record. Did you know when the government reported a 2.8% GDP growth rate for 2011 (1.8 in the July - September quarter), they only used 0.4% as the rate of inflation in their calculations? Folks, name me a country on the planet where inflation is that low. I don't think one exists. In fact, the US Census bureau reported an inflation rate of 3%. So what's the bottom line: That 2.8% GDP cannot possibly be accurate. It was much, much less. John Crudele, Finance, NY Post
  • The CBO is forecasting that the unemployment rate will not return to rates on George W. Bush (about 5%) until 2022. To get there, the country has to generate 300,000 jobs a month for the next 10 years.

  • By the way, while we're on bogus numbers, where is the guy pictured above---Jon Corzine, former Goldman Sachs CEO, former Governor and Senator from the Great State of New Jersey? Oh, yes, and former head of MF that went bankrupt and Jon Boy said he does not know where the $1.2 billion is. Where is that guy? Just askin'.
  • Chris Mathews of MSNBC (still mistaken for a news network), known for making countless dumbass statements, made another recently. He actually said the level of hatred toward Obama is worse than any other president. So the Daily Caller did a little research. This is what they found among signs at rallies protesting W when he was president: "Kill Bush...Burn Down His F^cking House," "Stop Bush Oil War" (Signs shows Bush with Hitler stash), "Worst President Ever" (with a bullet hole in the middle of his head); "I'm Here To Kill Bush: Shoot Me," "Death To Number One Terrorist Pig: Bush..." You get the picture.

  • So, is Peyton Manning going to be a Colt next year? If not, where will he end up? I can see several teams seriously looking at him including Minnesota, Philadelphia, Redskins and a few others.