Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Carnage of Black-on-Black Homicide; Justice Department's Distorted Logic; Women's Beach Volleyball: Bikinis To Remain; More Part Timers Getting Full-Time Jobs; The Market Rally Just Might Be An Illusion; Occupy Crowd: Still Stupid

Best Buy announced it will be closing 50 stores in the U.S. and opening 50 stores in China at the same time. Remember the old days when we just sent jobs overseas? Now we're sending the whole store...Leno

  • I, as well as many others, often question why the the outrage over black-on-black homicide in this country is not as great as the black community's outrage over white thug(s) killing blacks as just happened in Tulsa, Oklahoma last week. To my surprise, DeWayne Wickham a journalist I rarely agree with, nailed it this morning in USA TODAY. Wickham comes from the left side of the ideological isle. He's a well respected and admired leading black journalist of his generation. He writes for the Baltimore Sun but also contributes to USA TODAY. I give him more passes than I would ordinarily give a raging progressive because he also happens to be a Vietnam veteran.
  • Wickham, in his piece today {Black-on Black Violence: Where's The Outrage?} points out correctly while blacks only make up 12.6% of the population, they make up about half of the people murdered each year. And if that's not disturbing, consider this statistic: "More blacks were murdered in the United States in 2009 alone than all the U.S. troops killed in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars to date," according to Wickham. He refers to this slaughter occurring in the black community as "a carnage without response." And he asked a question I've often asked black leaders: "So why won't these leaders take to the streets with equal fervor to stop these genocidal killings of blacks by other blacks?" He answers his own question: "Because "the loss of black lives...don't register on a racial conflict meter." Hear that Sharpton?
  • In case you missed the news because of the Easter Weekend, the UN's Human Rights Council Chief said the UN should investigate the Trayvon killing. Remember, these are the same knuckleheads who allowed over 8,000 men to be murdered under their very noses at Sebrinica during the Balkan Wars. And who are and have been some of the nation members on this "illustrious" human rights council?  How does Uganda sound? If that's not enough, then what about Cuba, Saudi Arabia and yes, even Libya. Gee, that has to make Trayvon's family feel a lot better. Agence France Presse
  • If you recall, several weeks ago those thugs, felons and cowards---The New Black Panther Party---put out a bounty on Zimmerman's head.  Wouldn't you know it---the other thugs, felons and cowards---Neo-Nazis---are now patrolling Sanford, FL. Stupids like to hang out with each other. History is replete with this phenomena. NY Post
  • Why is racism by blacks ignored by the main stream media?  As reported here last week, the former mayor of D.C., Marion Barry, said, "We got to do something about these Asians coming in and opening up businesses and dirty shops" even though Asians make up only a whopping .4% of his ward. Rapper Ice Cube actually wrote a rap song entitled, "Black Korea," bashing Korean store owners. And , last year, black high school students in Philadelphia, assaulted Asian students. There have also been several flash mobs in major cities, including in Philadelphia, that targeted whites for beatdowns. In addition, in just the last several weeks, white victims have been attacked by blacks including a group who attacked a 27 year old white man in Florida just this past saturday. Michelle Malkin/Gainesville Sun  Racism should not be tolerated---regardless of what color the perps are.

  • While one can argue that the government lacks reason in almost everything it does, their attack on voter ID laws proves why logic does not exist in Washington. Just last week, James O'Keefe---the hero who exposed the fake, phony and frauds in ACORN as well as the conspicuous bias at NPR with his brilliant undercover video investigations---showed  why Eric Holder's Justice Department does not have a clue.  He went undercover to a Washington D.C. polling place (Holder's own precinct). Gave them Eric Holder's name but the undercover journalist said he had no ID proving he was Holder. The poll worker said it was okay. That he didn't need it. The undercover journalist said he was still uncomfortable not showing an ID, so he told the poll worker he'd be back, "faster than you can say furious" to show the man his ID card. Yet, Holder's Justice Department has blocked voter ID laws in several states. As any sane person knows, these days one cannot board an aircraft with proper ID. You can't even pick up your held mail in the Post Office without showing ID.  And try cashing a check without ID or even getting a library card.  The Justice Dapartment's logic is as flawed as their boss.

  • How about a break for some really good news that I know will put a smile on a lot of faces. Yes, the International Volleyball Federation ruled that women will be allowed to continue playing in bikinis in beach volleyball. Let's be honest here.  It really was not a difficult decision. They knew ratings would plummet if the women were forced to wear shorts. As one very happy viewer---I applaud their decision.
  • Best show on TV---"Justified"---has its finale on tonight. Check it out. A real guy guy's TV show.
  • More good news (well, almost): There is a good sign in the unemployment numbers. No, not the miserable numbers that came out last week. But it appears more part-timers are getting full time jobs. The number of full time workers showed an increase we have not seen since April of 2000. But even this good news is somewhat tainted. Yes, people are getting full time jobs but it's been in lower paying professions like leisure, health care, retail and temps. And we're still not creating that many manufacturing jobs---about 17,000 a month. The retail sector lost about 60,000 jobs in February and March largely due to the post-holiday layoffs. Dept. of Labor
  • Now for the not-so-good news regarding the Market.  Doreen Mogavero, a stock exchange floor trader, contends stock market volumes have plummeted as the only ones trading equities seem to be computers. The volume of listed shares in the NY Stock Exchange dropped 14% from this time last year. And the S&P declined almost 28%. These lower volumes suggest there are now more professional traders than retail investors as a proportion of the market.  Joe Saluzzi of Themis Trading (mutual funds and hedge funds broker)  said, "We are extremely worried." He was referring to what he calls "garbage volume" when millions of shares traded are just being flipped. In other words,  this type of volume does not do anything for anyone. It's an illusion. Post Business

  • Religion of Peace Update: One of Saudi Arabia's top clerics issued a religious decree over the holidays calling for all Christian churches on the Arabian peninsula to be destroyed. Gotta give these thugs some credit. They're consistent. Washington Free Beacon
  • Since President Obama's attack on the Supreme Court last week, Rassmussen is reporting likely US voters approval of the Supreme Court's performance has actually increased.  Their poll numbers actually jumped 13 points in the last several weeks to the highest ratings in over 2 years.

  • The following report can't be good news for the president's energy policy. MSNBC is reporting today that a survey of hybrid vehicle owners found that most hybrid owners would be unlikely to buy another.

  • In addition to many in the Occupy crowd just being nitwits, misfits and knuckleheads, they can now add stupid to their lame resumes. The NYPD busted several Occupy Wall Streeters for defacing subway cars. And how were they caught? The dimwits actually had a film crew from NY1 film their vandalism. NY1
  • The FBI is reporting today that American universities are infected with spies {"American Universities Infected By Foreign Spies Detected by FBI" Bloomberg News}. That should not surprise anyone considering the number of Marxists and declared Socialists we have teaching in our universities today.