Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Gov. Christie Spanks Progressives and Obama; Tax Facts; Taxes Do Kill; 9/11 Trial Date: 72 Virgins Await; Romney vs. Obama: Let The Games Begin; Lack of Diversity in Obama Campaign Staff

Keith Olberman is suing Current TV for $70 million. That comes out to $10 million per viewer...Leno

  • Rotund NJ Governor Chris Christie wasted no time in spanking progressives and the Obama administration for the conspicuous dangers associated with an entitlement society. Yesterday he pounded out the truth regarding the visions of progressives vs. conservatives. He said the government is now telling us "To stop dreaming, stop striving, we'll take care of you...That will not just bankrupt us financially, it will bankrupt us morally..."

  • In contrast, the Obama wants to "invest." That's code for stealing more money from all of us (not only the rich) in the form of higher taxes to accommodate the entitlement society. In addition, Pres. Obama and the Democrats want to push what they call the "Buffett Rule." In short, they want the rich to pay more taxes, something they already do contrary to what they are telling us. 10% of U.S. homes with the highest incomes pay more than half of all federal taxes while 47% of Americans pay NO TAXES. In 2011, households with incomes over $1 million paid almost 30% while those with incomes between $50-75 grand paid about 15%. Those making between $40 and 50 grand paid about 12%. And those between $20-30,000 paid 5.7% in federal taxes.  When the Obama administration talks about the rich not paying their "fair share," he's referring to the tax on their dividends and capital gains which are taxed at 15%. He's not taking into consideration the taxes they pay on their salaried income. Congressional Budget Office, IRS and Tax Policy Center

  • Moreover, even if the Buffett Rule is passed, the amount of taxes collected from the rich would amount to paying off one day of our debt which is now almost $16 trillion.
  • And remember this: the Buffett Rule will be taken up by a Democratically controlled senate that has not passed a federal budget in over 3 years.
  • By the way, as Pres. Obama continues his campaign to steal more money, he collected over $2 million from them already this week on his campaign trail.  And if you want to attend his upcoming event at George Clooney's place in LA in May, all you need to do is fork over $40,000.
  • One final word today on taxes. They do kill. The Journal of the American Medical Association found that death due to traffic accidents on April 15 go up 6% on average. It's happened for 30 years now. More reason to pay those taxes earlier.
  • The trial date for the 9/11 masterminds is now set to start on May 5th. The headline in the NY Post today: "Finally, After 10 Years and 2,976 Souls A...Date With Justice (and then, we hope, 72 virgins."

  • Well, it looks like it will be Romney vs. Obama. Several weeks ago, I wrote on this blog that the fat lady had already sung her swan song. Recent polls of adults show that Obama has a healthy lead over Romney. However, the polls you want to focus on will be those of "likely" voters. Polling "registered" voters does not give anyone an accurate snapshot because not all registered voters vote.
  • If Romney loses to Obama, watch for Santorum to re-appear in 2 years. But know this: The Republican bench is now strong with the likes of Marco Rubio, Chris Christie and others just waiting off stage.
  • Yo Newt: I said many months ago, you didn't stand a chance. I was right. Get the f^%k out already.
  • There are many reasons the Market's been jittery in the last several weeks. It looks like Europe debt crisis, once again, is giving them the willies. Yesterday, Italy's stock market tanked. It was the equivalent of the Dow Jones plunging 600 points in one day. And Spain had to borrow more money.
  • Did you know that even most Dems don't want Obamacare? Investors Business Daily did a poll and found only 39% of Dems want the Supreme Court to uphold the law.
  • The Daily Beast is reporting on "the stunning lack of diversity" in the Obama campaign. They have a photo of his Chicago re-election office showing at my count at least 50 young people and there appears to be one black dude---all the way in the back of the room. In fact, even Tavis Smiley and Cornel West have taken the president to task for his conspicuous lack of diversity on his team. The Daily Beast refers to the photo as "Lily White." That's precious.