Saturday, June 30, 2012

ObamaCare Can Now Be Called Obamatax; Holder Gets A Pass But For How Long?; DID ATF Supervisors Retaliate Against Whistleblowers?; Egyptian Prez Wants Terrorist Released; Romney's Cash Flow Flowing; Romney Needs To Present A Health Care Plan; FactCheck: Romney Never Shipped Jobs Overseas; Misfit & Thug Occupiers Are Back; Cruise & Holmes Divorcing: Is Anyone Really Suprised?; Maher, the Bigot and Misogynist, Strikes Again

If you're an illegal immigrant in Arizona, hoping to become a citizen so you can get free healthcare, this is the greatest week of your life...Leno

  • Although Leno was joking, it's probably true. With the Supreme Court's decision this week, those 800,000-1 million illegal immigrants Pres. Obama gave amnesty will no doubt be eligible now for free health care.
  • ObamaCare can now be called ObamaTax: hear that Romney Campaign?
  • If you recall, on many occasions, Pres. Obama promised anyone earning under $250 grand would not have his/her taxes raised. Well, Brietbart examined ObamaTax and found out that there will be 7 news taxes on those earning less than $250 grand.
  • As predicted here yesterday, the Justice Department will not bring the Congressional contempt citation against Eric Holder to a federal grand jury. Nor will DOJ take action to prosecute him. As I said, he's the boss of all federal prosecutors. No way would they prosecute their own boss.  In addition, Obama asserted Executive Privilege. However, don't be surprised if Issa thinks of another strategy. For example, it was reported yesterday that records of intercepted phone calls show Holder may have withheld important information.

  • Just as disturbing, recently released details show ATF management allegedly wanted to retaliate against the ATF whistleblowers. Scott Thomassan of ATF was reported to have said, "ATF needs to f^%k these guys." (referring to the whistleblowers). In addition, the documents appear to show ATF supervisors in D.C. were trying to cover up Fast and Furious two weeks before the Congressional Committee even asked about it. Daily Caller

  • Egypt's new president, Mohammed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood, pushed for the release of sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman. If you need some reminding, that's the prick who masterminded the fist attack upon the World Trade Center in 1993. In fact, he's the scumbag who bin Laden cited as religious justification for the 9/11 attacks. NY Post
  • Within less than 48 hours after the Supreme Court upheld ObamaCare, Romney raised over $5 million (over $300 grand a minutes) from almost 60,000 donors, with a third coming from donors giving less than $25 bucks. The Hill
  • Speaking of Romney, I hope he plans on providing a plan regarding health care. If he plans on repealing it, what's he want to put in place or what's he want to retain. On a personal level, I'd like to see the states decide on health care not the feds.
  • Fact Check reported all those ads by the Obama campaign accusing Romney of shipping jobs overseas---are false.

  • Well, the Occupy movement plans on ruining July 4th for all residents and visitors to Philadelphia. The group of misfits, thugs, felons and cowards plan on gathering in Philadelphia on our nation's birthday. Yes, they certainly have the right. July 4th epitomizes that right. But, if history is any judge, these creeps can ruin a beautiful day. The last time they set up camp in Philadelphia, they trashed the area around City Hall.
  • As you know, Charlie Rangel won his primary last week. This from a reader in the NY Post: "Why doesn't the fact tht he was head of the House Ways and Means Committee while not paying his own taxes resonates with voters?" That Committee deals with taxes. I asked that very same question two years ago.
  • Also, as reported last week, Nancy Pelosi endorsed Charlie. This is the same person who wanted to "drain the swamp" of corrupt and unethical politicians when she took over as House leader in 2006.
  • Is anyone really surprised that Tom Cruise is getting yet another divorce?

  • Bill Maher, the nation's bigot and misogynist, struck again. After the Court's ruling on ObamaTax he tweeted, "Oh, cheer up. it just means when one of ur kids gets knocked up they'll be covered." What a friggin dumbass.