Monday, July 2, 2012

Was Justice Roberts Pressured To Change His Vote?; Conservatives: Angry as Hornets & Loaded for Bear; Alec Baldwin: Koo Koo?; Great White Shark Off Cap Cod

A man is filing a lawsuit against Kim Kardashian and Kanye West claiming they have ties to al-Qaeda. When al-Qaeda heard this, they said: "Please do not lump us in with those maniacs."...Conan

  • There appears to be more evidence emerging that Chief Justice Roberts changed his vote at the last minute. More disturbing, there are now reports that pressure by Democrats, Pres. Obama and the knee-pad media may have also influenced him.
  • For example, CBS and Face The Nation are reporting Roberts initially sided with the other Justices who wanted to strike the law down, but later switched his position. In fact, it's also being reported that Justice Anthony Kennedy led the effort  to bring Roberts back to his original position. According to sources, Kennedy was "relentless."
  • As more information leaks about his decision, I can see conservatives and Republicans exhibiting more anger at Roberts. An observer likened the decision to a college prof who receives a poorly written thesis from a student, rewrites the thesis for the student and then gives the student a passing grade.

  • Having said this, I agree with many pundits and political observers, the decision has already helped Romney's base as evidenced by almost $5 million his campaign raised within 32 hours of the Court's decision. Peggy Noonan wrote this weekend, "...They (Republican backers of Romney) will have the help of their base, which is, at the moment, angry as hornets, loaded for bear, and fully awake."
  • Even Lanny Davis, former special counsel to Bill Clinton, wrote in USA TODAY: "...he (Obama) won the court; now he needs to win public opinion."
  • I have a sense many Americans are confused between "health care" and "health insurance." Access to basic health care is guaranteed for everyone in America even illegal immigrants regardless of ability to pay or status of their health insurance (federal law makes it mandatory that anyone needing emergency health care must receive it, The Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act of 1986).
  • I firmly believe the Court's decision did not change too many minds. Although backing for the law bumped up among registered voters and  independents, ObamaCare still remains unpopular. 53% of registered voters said they were more likely to vote for a member of Congress who promised to REPEAL the law. That's up from 46% before the Court's decision. 62% of independents still oppose the law (Reuters Poll) Note: Rasmussen's Daily Tracking Poll shows Obama did not get a bounce from the Court's ruling. He still remained tied with Romney.
  • If you are a small business with less than 50 employees, it will be in your best interests not to hire anymore employees. According to the Manhattan Institute, if a small business adds one employee (to make 50), according to ObamaCare, it will cost that business an extra $40 grand a year (the first 30 employees are exempt when calculating the tax penalty). And if the company decides to double in size to 100 employees, it will need to offer full benefits or be subject to a penalty of $140,000.

  • As Tom Cruise is getting a divorce (and NY papers are reporting that Katie Holmes is being watched by Scientologists in an SUV parked outside of her home), Alec Baldwin got married this weekend. In an interview in Vanity Fair, he admits he would like to stick a knife into TMZ's producer, Harvey Levin, and "gut" him and "kill" him.  He also said he's wanted to kill his ex-wife's attorney with a baseball bat. Remember, this is the father who called his own daughter a pig about 2 years ago when he left her voice mails in a lunatic rant. I have to admit however I like his acting. He's made some good films. It's also undeniable; his brief appearance in Glengarry Glen Ross is one of the greatest cameo scenes in film history. Miami Blues still remains one of my favorite films in which he appeared. He hooked me when he was confronted by some Hare Krinshna guy in an airport and killed him by breaking his finger. He played a psychopath in that movie. He would probably say he's not one in real life. He only plays one on TV and in the movies. Although I suspect some paparazzi might disagree. He's not a koo-koo, but he certainly appears to have some anger management issues.
  • And from a Tweet by Geraldo Rivera this weekend: "Does Scientology have special program to provide cover for closeted gay superstars?" Ouch!!! Or, as someone commented, just a celebrity "bitch slap?"  Quite frankly, I'm surprised Geraldo still has not done his own reality show. If anyone likes the limelight, Jerry sure does.

  • While we're talking about sharks, Cap Cod reported spotting a giant Great White Shark. It's estimated to be 16 feet long and 2000 pounds.  "Come on in. The water is fine." Photo  above courtesy UK Mail.