Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Democrats Now Love Private-Equity Firms; Two Outcomes of Court's ObamaCare Decision Should Please Conservatives; NEA Losing Members; Romney's Big Lead in Battleground States; GM Costs Taxpayers $35 billion; Anderson Cooper is Gay: You Don't Say!; RIP Andy

Vice President Joe Biden spoke to a senior center in Iowa. Which explains why the seniors were like, "Is this Hell?"...Fallon

  • For some months now, the Obama campaign criticized Romney for his association with Bain Capital, a private-equity firm. But when a private-equity firm helps bail out a Philadelphia Company, Sunoco refinery, Democrats can't get enough of private equity. Yesterday, a Sunoco refinery that was threatened with closure at the end of July, was saved by The Carlyle Group, a private-equity firm. And guess who is on the front page of the Philadelphia Inquirer today praising The Carlyle Group?---Philadelphia Mayor Nutter. Just two months ago , Nutter bashed Romney for his association with private-equity firms like Bain. It's also clear now why former Pennsylvania Gov. and Mayor of Philadelphia, Ed Rendell (as well as other high-profile Democrats), came to the defense of Romney when the Obama campaign bashed Romney for his Bain association. I'm sure Rendell knew about The Carlyle Group's intention of saving 850 jobs at Sunoco.
  • Oh yes, one more thing. United Steelworkers jumped on the Romney-Bain bashing wagon too. Yet, it was the United Steelworkers who supported this Carlyle Group venture and bailout.
  • As a sidebar, The Washington Examiner reported that the Obama administration spent over $17 grand on office supplies at Staples last year---Staples happens to be one of the companies Romney saved while he was at Bain.
  • While many conservatives lament the Supreme Court's decision last week (as they should), there were two outcomes that should please conservatives, considering they are conservative goals. One, the Court limited the scope of the Commerce clause. That decision limits government overreach into commercial activity. And the Court also limited the government's ability to threaten states with the loss of Medicaid money if they don't want to participate in ObamaCare.

  • The Cato Institute reported this week if New Jersey accepts Medicaid expansion, it would cost New Jersey taxpayers about $35 billion. In NY, it would cost them over $52 billion (Yes, that's why Medicaid is broke). If those two states and others opt out, those Medicaid clients would go to the ObamaCare health-insurance exchanges. And then the feds would have to pay the subsidies. So do you get it now. Either way, taxpayer pay out the nose. As the Cato Institute points out correctly as to why many governors are pi$$ed off---ObamaCare dumped the mess into the laps of the states.
  • Moreover, the Court's ruling on ObamaCare is not final. Voters will have a say in November whether ObamaCare survives beyond next year.

  • The National Education Association, the nation's largest teachers union, reported this week it's losing members---fast. In just the last 2 years, the union lost over 100,000 members. As most know, the NEA has been a big supporter of Democrats and Pres. Obama.  And while the Obama campaign continues to court the union, Obama himself will not attend their annual convention. Observers don't know if he's skipping the event since the NEA will still pour millions into the campaign or whether the union is losing its clout politically. Open Secrets reports the NEA has given over $42 million to Democrats since 1989. In fact, they are the third largest contributor to democrats.
  • "Recession is Over News"---Manufacturing activity shrank for the first time in three years last month. "Uncertainty about the state of economic expansion just got ratcheted up a notch." RDQ Economics in USA TODAY
  • Investors.com is reporting the loss to taxpayers for the GM bailout is now $35 billion. Volt sales didn't help. GM projected sales to exceed 45,000. They only sold just shy of 9000.
  • "Useless but Interesting Trivia Information"...USA TODAY reported that the number of text messages sent/received each month grew from 9.8 billion in 2005 to 188 billion in 2010.
  • If you're wondering why many states are broke, this story will illustrate why. In NY State, if you're a family earning less than $50 grand a year and can produce a note from a doctor saying you need an air conditioner, NY State will give you one FREE.
  • According to CNN, Romney leads Obama in battleground states now, 51-43%.

  • Yesterday, Anderson Cooper finally came out of the open closet and admitted he's gay. I saw a collective yawn in the audience. But his announcement did not surprise me considering CNN's ratings were the lowest in 21 years. Folks, everyone knew he was gay. It was no surprise. But he's no fool. He knows his announcement will help his ratings.
  • Don't look now, but we're sending more warships to the Persian Gulf. Something about Iran.
  • Andy Griffith passed. He was 86. Always liked the guy.

  • Over 230 years ago, we had guys like the ones above who gave us precious gifts in the Constitution, The Bill of Rights and The Declaration of Independents.

  • Today, we have politicians like these. Look up,