Thursday, June 7, 2012

Smoking Gun: Obama's Socialist Roots Now Exposed; Obama Ignores D-Day Again!; Unions Backed Walker; Huntsville Alabama Honors Veterans

From The Onion's "American Voices" on Republicans blocking equal pay bill: "I think men should be compensated more for having a penis. We have to lug these things around all day. Do you know how embarrassing that is?" Ray Flora, Hydraulic Press Operator

  • I've always been careful to label Pres. Obama a socialist. However, I have referred to some of his policies as socialist. There is now---what appears to be---a smoking gun or hard evidence. Many credible sources, including National Review, Human Events, NewsBusters and many others, are now reporting in 1996 Obama belonged to The New Party, a far-left, progressive, ACORN affiliated political party (the knee-pad media continue not to run this story). Evidence from ACORN Illinois establishes Obama's New Party affiliation as well as recently uncovered membership files and memos (If you recall, in 2008, Obama denied his association with ACORN. He said he only represented ACORN as an attorney)
  • The New Party was established by The Democratic Socialists of America. Former members of The New Party formed The Working Families Party of New York, a far-Left political party.
  • So what does this all mean? For one, it's now very clear that Pres. Obama had an association with not only far-left, progressive organizations, but also hard-core Socialist organizations (many of whom have a Marxist foundation to their core values). Also, does it surprise anyone now when Obama speaks about "fair share" and "distribution of wealth?" These are all Marxist principles to the core. Whether Pres. Obama now considers himself a Socialist, I don't think we can answer that. But the evidence---now overwhelming---proves he was at one time.

  • Did you know Pres. Obama ignored D-Day again? Instead he went to a fundraiser. In fact, he's ignored this anniversary for the past 3 years. As CBS Tampa columnist Ira Pickett asked, "What could be so time consuming that he couldn't even take five minutes to address the nation...There were no emails, Tweets..." Hey, but Obama has a lot of time to play golf and raise money from his Hollywood friends. (See below)
  • But there is good news. Huntsville, Alabama, held a parade for homecoming veterans. Way to go Huntsville!!!
  • Did you know the anti-Walker forces lost 3 times in less than 2 years? In addition to being unable to unseat Walker this week, they tried to recall some state senators. They lost. They also tried to unseat a conservative State Supreme Court judge in a special election. Yes, they lost that one too.
  • Have Democrats forgotten that the Tea Party in 2010 helped the House gain 63 seats? Or that Scott Brown won a special election in Massachusetts with Tea Party backing?

  • Did you know that 38% of Walker's voters came from union households?  In fact, even Milwaukee's police and firefighter unions endorsed Walker. Dean Gonzalez, a VP in the union, said, "We back Republicans. We go back and forth. We're happy for him. Walker is willing to listen to us." NY Post I mention this because I sense---on the Republican side and among many conservatives---there's entirely too much bashing of unions. Let me be clear, I'm not a big supporter of many unions, especially public unions. Their greed is one major issue for me. They know full well that their pensions are unsustainable and are a huge part of the problem. They are also starting to understand most Americans are tired of special interests feeding off their hard-earned money. Yet, most of the time, they refuse to budge, knowing full well the burden their bullheadedness causes a financial burden on the taxpayer---many of whom are in their community.  It's also an historical fact that union unyielding stubbornness in the 1970's drove many industries overseas. All one has to do is look at the history of the auto and steel industry. Of course, there is also the issue of corruption, crime, Mafia affiliation and violence that pervaded unions, and, in some cases, even to this day (as evidenced by what the unions did in Madison Wisconsin last year).
  • As for public union, even Pres. Franklin Roosevelt said, "The process of collective bargaining as usually understood, cannot be transplanted to public service." FDR understood the dangers of unionizing public employees.

  • On the other hand, unions---largely private sector unions--- have provided a major service to many employees throughout our history. It's no secret---because our history is replete with it---employees have been---and sometimes continue to be---exploited by their employers. That's an undeniable fact. I know all this because I've been a member of several unions myself as a young man from teacher unions to steel workers. As a manager, I was also involved in bargaining unit negotiations. In other words, I know the game. And when employees are exploited, sometimes they need representation. In addition, to all those who bash all unions, I have some advice. Next time you're in any large city take a look at all those buildings. Most were built by union labor. Next time you drive through a housing development, know most of those homes were built by union labor.  Next time you view one of those magnificent bridges, know it was union members who built it. Unions did help build the American Dream. And we need to remember that. Is the criticism of unions justified in some cases? You bet it is. But we cannot generalize just as we cannot generalize about a police department that has a few bad players or any other organization that has some knuckleheads, creeps and thugs in their midst.

  • One final note on this to union members. Look at where your union dues are going. For example, the National Education Association spent 93% of their donations to the Democrat Party and I know 93% of teachers are not Democrats. In 2004,  Bush received almost 40% of the union vote yet the 95% of union funds went to that fake, phony and back-stabbing fraud, John F. Kerry. (Union Facts). My point: don't let the sheep herders keep pushing you off the cliff. Open Secrets reports that of the top 20 heavy hitters to political parties, 12 give most of their money to Democrats (that's why I had to laugh when the unions in Wisconsin said it was Republican money that beat them. That's a joke. In fact, money was pouring into Wisconsin from teacher unions throughout the country). For example, The National Education Association has given over $41 million (that's million) to Democrats since 1989. In the same period, SEIU has given over $38 million (any wonder SEIU presidents are frequent visitors to the White House). American Federation of Teachers: over $33 million, almost all to Democrats (zero to Republicans).
  • And memo to union members: check out how much your union executives get paid. Hint: they are all in the 1%.
  • USA TODAY's editorial today:"...Walker deserves credit for confronting the legacy created by spineless and shortsighted public officials who created massive liabilities to satisfy a powerful constituency {organized labor}."

  • Speaking of fundraising, Pres. Obama attended yet another fundraiser in Hollywood. He conned them into giving his campaign about $3 million.
  • Everyone is asking: What's Clinton up to? He's been off the reservation about 3 times in less than a month (most recently supporting extending Bush tax cuts).

  • "Religion of Peace and the Myth of the Arab Spring" continue. In Egypt, women continue to be victims of vicious attacks. "The women's situation is worse on all grounds..," said Imam Bibars of the Association for the Development and Enhancement of Women. In fact, Human Rights Watch reported "no" improvement in human rights protection in Egypt. And AP is now reporting that the Taliban poisoned girls at schools in Takhar province. One school reported 125 cases of poisoning.