Thursday, July 5, 2012

Chris Rock is a Jagoff; So is Common; Mayor Bloomberg's Hypocrisy; Joey Chestnut Wins Again; Did Romney Flip-Flop?; Mexico is Safer Than Chicago; Occupy Funded by Major Unions

"Man On Hot Date Suddenly Realizes He's Wearing Swastika Boxer Shorts His Mom Got Him." From The Onion's local news desk.

  • Why is it that so many Obama supporters are such jagoffs? (I wrote, "so many" not all, so the rest of you can relax---but you're still friggin stupid). On Independence Day, one of those jagoffs, comedian Chris Rock, Tweeted, "Happy white peoples independence day the slaves weren't free but I'm sure they enjoyed fireworks." This jagoff doesn't even realize in many parts of the world, his writing this garbage would get him thrown in prison. But there were some good replies to Chris Rock. One wrote, "Good one. I bet your Guatamalen house staff got a good chuckle." Memo to the jagoff: The gates to this country open both ways. As millions keep moving in and not out, take the "your leaving the greatest country on earth" exit. You'll see how many give you the finger going the other way.

  • While I'm on jagoffs, I might as well report on another one. Philadelphia holds a concert every year inviting a variety of acts. This year they invited a hip-hop jagoff who calls himself, Common. Now follow me on this. Most people in Philadelphia know about Mumia Abu Jamal, the prick who murdered Philadelphia police officer Danny Faulkner in 1981 in cold blood. Common showed conspicuous support for the cop killer in the past. In addition, he wrote a song entitled, "A Song for Assata."  Assata Shakur was convicted of murdering a NJ state trooper in 1973. She was also a member of the Black Panther Party and The Black Liberation Army. She was imprisoned but later escaped and is now living in Cuba. Fidel Castro refuses to send her back to the United States citing she's a political prisoner and a victim of racial persecution.
  • Oh, before I forget. Michelle Obama invited Common to the White House for a poetry reading in May of 2011. Hey, but then again, Obama and Michelle have a history of hanging around with scumbags.

  • Most people already know that NY City Mayor Bloomberg is creating a nanny-staff in NY City. His recent proclamation was to ban large sodas larger than 16 ounces. This comes on the heels of his restrictions on salt, trans-fats, etc. Okay, so many might agree with him considering we're an obese nation. I don't agree with the bans myself. Another example of government overreach to me. Anyway, yesterday Joey Chestnut won his sixth straight hot dog eating contest in Coney Island by downing 68 dogs in about 10 minutes. And who hosted the hot dog eating contestants at City Hall? None other than the Nanny Mayor of NY City. So Bloomberg has a problems with your pouring a 16 oz Coke down your throat, but he has no problem with hot dog eaters consuming about 20,000 calories in less than 10 minutes.
  • A top Romney campaign advisor said last week that ObamaCare is not a tax. Romney later contradicted the campaign advisor and said, "It is a tax." Flip-flop or rogue campaign advisor? I report; you decide.

  • Speaking of ObamaCare, know this. The fight is not over. Major polls still show a majority of Americans still don't like the law.  In fact, the law has not been popular with the public since it was passed two years ago.
  • Poor, poor Rahm Emanuel, former senior advisor to Pres. Obama and now Mayor of Chicago. He's got the typical Democrat mayor's problem on his hand: out-of-control crime. Since he was elected, there's been a 38% increase in youth violence. Papers are calling it an epidemic. And on one recent weekend, 53 people were shot. You're safer in Mexico today than in Chicago. NY Post

  • We're in the fourth year of Pres. Obama's administration. GDP growth is growing at a pathetic 1.9% annualized. In Ronald Reagan's fourth year, GDP was smoking at 7.3%. In fact, Reagan reached 9.3% after his tax cuts. Clinton even reached 8%. And under George W., the economy grew 6.7% following his tax cuts in 2003. The highest Obama has reached was  3.9% CFIF
  • Current Obama Campaign Strategy: He's for the middle-class (don't laugh to hard) and Romney is only concerned about corporate profits. Will it work? Yep, for the stupids it will.
  • This is the problem I continue to see with the housing market. Baby Boomers are retiring. They want to sell their homes, but too many young people are either in debt or don't have jobs or both. In addition, too many homes are already on the market. See my point?

  • Occupy is leaving Philadelphia and heading to Wall Street.  Only 26 were arrested over the holiday weekend. It's now been revealed by Union Watch that Occupy is being funded by unions, especially SEIU and the AFL-CIO. That's the same union whose former head-honcho visited the White House over 20 times. Obama didn't even meet with this military commanders that many times.
  • There is good news. British intelligence units busted a terrorist group that might have targeted the upcoming Olympic games. Six scumbags were arrested near Olympic Park.
  • It appears many of the wealthy in France might be taking the next bullet train out of the country. The new Socialist president, Hollande, plans on a 75% tax on the wealthy.