Friday, July 6, 2012

How Much More Will Obama Supporters Tolerate?; Obama's Got the "Slows"; Dependency is a Plague; George W Helping Poor With Cancer and AIDS in Zambia; The UN is Nuts

"High Unemployment Linked To Increasingly Number of Face Tattoos." The Onion's Economic News

  • The employment numbers are in for June. We added a "whopping" 80,000 jobs. In addition to yet another dismal performance, the unemployment rate is stuck at 8.2%. Black unemployment jumped to 14.4%. Latino unemployment remained at about 11%.
  • So, along with so many other policy failures, how much more will Obama supporters tolerate? I'm not directing that question at the ideologues. Ideologues on both the Left and Right are zealous and doctrinaire. No amount of facts presented will change their minds. No, I'm directing that question at the pragmatists on the Left. You cannot possibly pleased with what is going on in the economy. Pres. Obama is in his 4th year.
  • Let's pose the question in practical terms. Would you tolerate a coach who has 4 losing seasons? I know you wouldn't because fans ask for the coach's head after just one losing season. Would you tolerate a military commander who keeps sending troops into battles and keeps losing those battles? Lincoln's patience with Gen. McClellan ran out in 1862 when he replaced him as Commander of the Army of the Potomac. Lincoln said, "...He has got the slows." That's one of many problems Pres. Obama has---the slows.

  • And if that's not enough to convince Obama supporters, business activity fell to the lowest level since November of 2009. This week retail numbers also came in. Guess what? They sucked. Nationally, 23 major chain stores reported an increase of 0.2%, lower than the dismal 1.7% in May. USA TODAY
  • And at the risk of being repetitious, you've already heard about the high poverty rate (the highest in 2 decades) and the all-time high numbers of people on food stamps.
  • So to the Obama supporters, it's okay to be in denial. But it's a mental disorder when you're delusional.
  • Pres. Obama, in 2009, said if the $800 billion stimulus program was passed, unemployment would be 5.6% TODAY.
  • And if the size of the labor force today was as big as it was when Obama took office (65.7% vs. today's 63.8%) unemployment would be 10.5%. (the real unemployment rate or the U-6 is now 14.9%). AEI

  • The more serious problem is all of the above leads to dependency on the government. And once dependency takes root, it's hard to pull out of it. It's one of many reasons why most conservatives do not support ObamaCare. It's an entitlement program that will increase dependency on the government. And all one needs to examine is to see the damage the welfare system did to millions of Americans (I know. I grew up near the "projects" in the Bronx. I saw first hand what those programs did to good people. I also witnessed what those socialist programs did to good people in Eastern Europe before the wall was torn down. It was not a pretty sight. In fact, it was devastating and a sad sight to see people living in buildings covered in graffiti  that smelled of urine and surrounded by filth. That's what dependency does to people, and mostly good people).
  • While Pres. Obama is on his bus tour in the heartland bashing Romney on outsourcing jobs overseas, it was discovered the bus Obama is using was made in...Canada. NY Post

  • In case you missed the news, because it's good news about Georg W. Bush and the Left hates Bush and company. Bush and Laura were in Zambia recently. They were there to open a health clinic for women, especially women living with AIDS (Bush, as president, did more for people living with AIDS in Africa than any other world leader. In 2003, he helped raise $15 billion for anti-retroviral drugs targeting AIDS in Africa). To date, Bush raised $85 million towards cervical cancer programs. Zambia has the highest number of cervical cancer patients in the world. It's for these reasons and more, the people in Africa consider his a savior. So I ask readers: Did you know about this story? (Catholic Online)
  • Hey, Occupy misfits, what have you done lately for humanity?
  • More news you might have missed. As you know, Syria's Assad is murdering thousands of his own people even as I'm writing this report. But did you know that Syria has a shot at joining the Human Rights Council at the UN? And if that does not strike you as insane, while Syria was murdering its own people, they were elected to TWO committees on human rights at UNESCO at the UN.
  • Memo to Romney: we need to see your views on foreign policy.