Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Obama Campaign's Delusional Proclamations; More Americans Got On Disability Rolls Than Got Jobs; Some ObamaCare Side Effects; Romney Raised $100 Million Last Month Alone

President Obama said Americans need someone who will wake up every single day and fight for their jobs. The he said, "Until we find that guy, I'm still your best choice."...Fallon

  • For the first time in many, many years, the weather stopped me from working out outside today. As I opened my door and stepped outside, I thought I had entered an oven. It was 103 degrees. I turned around, went back in and took a nap. Where's that fake, phony and fraud Al Gore when you need him?
  • Yesterday, Pres. Obama declared that private job creation was "a step in the right direction." Is that so Mr. President?
  • In my post yesterday, I posed several questions for those folks who still support Pres. Obama. As I stated, the questions weren't directed at the ideologues. No amount of facts will deter their support of the president. Rather, I questioned the pragmatists, the realists, on why they could continue to support such overt failed policies.  Since yesterday's post, more disturbing information was revealed regarding the economy. In addition to the dismal employment report, the Social Security Administration reported that more workers went on federal disability last month than got jobs, 83,000 on disability to 80,000 jobs created. More disturbing, since the 83,000 went on disability, they are no longer counted as unemployed. This report closed the worst quarter we've had in 2 years.
  • Just to keep up with population growth, we need to create 90,000 per month. In order to get out of this mess, we need to create, at a minimum, over 200,000 jobs per month. Calculated Risk
  • The number of long-term unemployed is now 5.4 million (more than 27 weeks out of work). That number accounts for almost 42% of all people out of work.

  • The number of women unemployed is now almost 6 million or nearing 800,000 since Obama took office . As reported yesterday, 14.4% of African Americans are out of work as well as 11% of Hispanics. (Overall, there are over 13 million Americans out of work--- more when the "real" or Q6 unemployment rate is considered. The Q6 counts those unemployed and those who are working part-time because they cannot find full-time employment. That rate is now 14.9%. Since President Obama took office, the Q6 rate has hovered from 14.5% to a high of 17.2%). Portal Seven
  • Regarding the economy, I think I can safely say Pres. Obama and the Democrats have a big problem on their hands, a problem much bigger than they can even imagine (and I haven't even taken into consideration the economic woes of the Euro countries).
  • The president is probably right that 4 million jobs have been created since he took office, but over 6 million people have dropped out of the workforce.

  • The "delusions" don't stop with the economy. As almost all Americans know by now, Pres. Obama said on multiple occasions, that no family making under $250,000 will see any form of tax increase. It now appears that statement is not true considering the taxes associated with ObamaCare (and reiterated by the Supreme Court).
  • Also, on many occasions, the president said if we like our healthcare plan, we can keep it. That too does not appear to be true. According to the Congressional Budget Office up to 20 million Americans can lose their plans because smaller employers will have little choice but to drop their healthcare plans.
  • It's one of the reasons why I support states being responsible for creating healthcare alternatives to ObamaCare.  States can compete meaning providers compete meaning lower costs.

  • In less than 3 years, we will have to start showing proof we have health insurance under ObamaCare. That's where the IRS comes in. We'll have to show it on our tax returns. As a result, the IRS will need to hire thousands more IRS agents, but not the 16,000 as claimed by some Republican lawmakers. Washington Examiner and Fact Check.
  • Mitt Romney is on a roll with fundraising. He raised over $100 million last month.
  • In June, The Washington Post ran a piece accusing Romney of sending jobs overseas when he was at Bain Capital. In fact, the Obama campaign keeps using that piece in their ads attacking Romney. But there's one itsy-bitsy problem. The Washington Post's own fact-checker debunked that claim. In other words, F the truth, full steam ahead.
  • By the way, GM or Government Motors, plans on opening a new factor in...China. Bloomberg News