Monday, July 9, 2012

Why is Pres. Obama so Dishonest?; Majority of Likely Voters Now Say Obama Made Things Worse; Romney Needs To Come Out Swinging; Obama's Transparency Hypocrisy

"New Prius Helps Environment By Killing Its Owner."...Onion's Science and Technology

  • Last week, I was struck by how much and how often Pres. Obama and his campaign deceive us. His most recent falsehood came after last week's unemployment numbers and other economic data were released. He said to a group of supporters, "That's a step in the right direction." He was referring to the pathetic 80,000 jobs created in June (contrast that to 1 million jobs created in September of 1983 when Reagan was president). In addition, the unemployment rate of 8.2% is the 41st month unemployment has been over 8%. That's the longest unemployment streak over 8% since the Great Depression.
  • Then there's the recent ads by the Obama campaign hammering Romney for his alleged outsourcing of jobs when he was at Bain Capital. Last week, on CNN's State of the Union, Candy Crowley had a dust-up with Obama advisor, Robert Gibbs. She made it clear to Gibbs that Romney was not even at Bain at the time of the outsourcing. Folks, this is CNN---part of the knee-pad media---who couldn't even take the false claims coming out of the Obama campaign.

  • And then there was Obama's famous keynote speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention when he proclaimed, "...There is not a Liberal America and a Conservative America...There is the United States of America. There is not a Black America and a White America and a Latino America and Asian America...There is the United States of America." Good speech. Unfortunately, every chance he or his campaign gets, they pull out a race card and/or a class card.

  • There are countless other examples especially related to ObamaCare. So what are we to make of this dishonesty? Well, it appears more Americans are catching on. In a just released poll by The Hill, 56% of likely voters (not registered voters, meaning the poll is much more accurate) reported that Obama has changed the country for worse (35% believe he's changed the country for the better. Those are largely people who have been off their meds for the last 3 plus years). The numbers for Independents also hover around 56% saying things are worse. Even young voters appear disillusioned with Obama with 55% reporting the country has changed for the worse. And the Obama campaign can't take solace when it comes to women either.  In this poll, a majority of women also believe things are getting worse.
  • The Employment Policies Institute reported that for teens---16 to 19 years of age---in NY City, the unemployment rate is now at 35.6% (nationally it's 23.7%).

  • But even with all of this bad economic news, Romney still can't shake off Obama Most polls show both dead even or within the margin of error (and those are polls of registered voters). While many pundits say that's bad news for Obama since he's the incumbent, I believe it also shows many Americans are still not sold on Romney. Let's face it. As a Mormon, Romney comes from a background where civility is an important characteristic.  On the other hand, Obama came out of Chicago politics, some of the dirtiest in the country. Remember, this is the crew that beat the Clintons. Those folks know how to patronize the electorate---they know distributing "goodies" works more often than not. Romney comes from a background of you get it when you earn it. So my advice to the Romney campaign: this is a fist-fight with no holds barred. Come out swinging and soon.
  • The NY Post today pointed out the conspicuous hypocrisy of the Obama campaign when it comes to transparency. For example, the Obama campaign used the 1917 Espionage Act six times to prosecute federal whistle blowers who leaked information to the media. That was twice the number in the previous 95 years.  The Post also points out ObamaCare was hashed out in private after Obama's pledge to do it in public.  And Obama abolished the position of Transparency Czar less than one year into his term.
  • George Zimmerman is reported to be in a safe-house for his own protection. How bad is it in America when a man---innocent until proven guilty---has to be surrounded by a security team? Even convicted murderers and child molesters after their release generally don't need to live in a safe-house.
  • In a speech he gave in Ohio last week, Pres. Obama used "I" and "Me" 117 times in a 25 minute speech.