Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Makes You Wonder...About Unemployment, Lousy Economy, Green-Eco Jobs Scams, Romney's Reactions, Fast & Furious, Clowns, Frauds, Badasses...Makes Me Wonder

Obama said the biggest mistake of his first term was not telling a story to give Americans a sense of unity. In response, American were like, "Yeah, fixing the economy would've been cool too."...Fallon

  • Folks, come on, doesn't make you wonder how Pres. Obama's numbers still hover in the 44% to 47% range when his performance has been so pathetic? There's not one CEO, supervisor or manager in the country that would tolerate such poor performance from one of their employees. Makes you wonder, right?

  • Makes me wonder why the Obama administration does the same thing over and over again even when those things have not worked.

  • Gotta make you wonder why Obama's priority was not targeting jobs and the economy before health care especially when unemployment was officially over 10%. Really, that's gotta make you wonder, right?
  • Has to make you wonder why Romney's not kicking Obama's butt by now because of...refer to bullet point above. (Today's Rasmussen Daily Tracking Poll has Romney at 47% and Obama at 44%).
  • With an economy soooo bad, gotta make you wonder why Rasmussen reported 41% of voters think Romney's business record is a good reason to vote for him while 41% consider it a reason to vote against him?
  • Did you know that the first quarter's GDP (Gross Domestic Product or the indicator of how well or poorly the economy is doing) was revised DOWN to 1.88% {a distressing and anemic number. And June's retail sales dropped yet again for the 3rd month in a row). Makes you wonder...refer to first bullet point above.

  • Makes me wonder how anyone can believe this guy. No, not Pres. Obama, that guy above.
  • Makes you wonder how the Obama campaign can continue to voice bold-faced lies against Romney when Obama's done the same thing. For example, regarding the issue of Romney's sending jobs overseas, GE, a huge Obama supporter and corporate giant that paid zero federal income tax in 2010, sends thousands of jobs overseas. Makes you wonder, right?
  • Gotta make you wonder why the Romney campaign appears to be on the defensive most of the time.  For example, they keep falling into the diversion/distraction traps set up by the Obama campaign. Makes you wonder why his campaign does not stay on message like focusing on the lousy jobs picture.

  • Gotta make you wonder if young people will be fooled again by Obama's promises considering 1 in 2 college graduates can't find a job.
  • Gotta make you wonder why Obama's black support is so high when unemployment for blacks under Obama has gone UP in the last 3 plus years to about 14.6%. Ditto for Latinos.
  • Makes you wonder why we got rid of Mubarek in Egypt and cracked down on Kadaffi so quickly but Syria's Assad keeps killing innocent people including many children. Makes you wonder, right?

  • Gotta make you wonder why there is not more outrage at the Green-Eco company and jobs scams like Solyndra and many others. Millions upon millions of taxpayer's money was poured into these companies that went broke. But, hold on a minute. Some of the executives in many of those companies donated large sums of money to the Obama campaign. Where is the Romney attack machine on this issue? Makes you wonder, right?
  • Gotta make you wonder why Romney's campaign has not said more about the Fast and Furious scandal. Makes me wonder.
  • Makes me wonder why the Obama administration continues attacking businesses, small and big, when politicians can use all the votes they can get.
  • Makes me wonder why the Obama campaign still tells so many lies about the rich not paying their fair share when they pay most of the taxes and donate huge sums of "their own" money to charity. Gotta make you wonder, right?

  • Makes me wonder how the woman above can be re-elected over and over again to the House when she makes so many stupid statements. Hey, but then again, we do have a dummy as Vice President.

  • Gotta make you wonder how a congressman with so many ethical and legal lapses is still in Congress. Makes me wonder.

  • I'm always wondering why this fake, phony and fraud can still be a spokesperson for African-Americans. Gotta make you wonder, right?

  • Makes me wonder how Al Gore, another fake, phony and fraud, was able to get all the votes he received.

  • You gotta wonder why we don't have more badasses in Congress, especially in the Republican Party, like the guy above. Makes me wonder.

  • Makes me wonder why we still have so many hard-core criminals walking our streets especially since so man of them are so stupid. Gotta make you wonder.

  • Gotta make you wonder why the Democrats wanted to be associated with the Occupy Wall Street crowd, a bunch of misfits, clowns, cowards and some felons.

  • Finally, yes finally, makes me wonder why we don't have more politicians like the man above anymore. Gotta make you wonder, right?