Wednesday, July 18, 2012

WTF? First Lady Praised Bain in 2011; Mitt: Don't Release More Tax Returns; Obama's View of Business Should Not Have Surprised Anyone; Enthusiasm for Mitt Moving Up While Moving Down for Obama; Obama's Jobs Council Has Not Met in Over 6 Months; Weiner To Rise Again?

A new poll found that 54% of Florida voters think the country is on the wrong track under Obama. While the rest of Florida voters think Teddy Roosevelt is president...Fallon

  • With the Obama campaign hammering Romney for his association with Bain Capital more than 10 years ago, Michelle Obama praised Bain as recently as 2011. Bright Horizons, a corporate day care company, was helped by Bain to get off the ground. "The Partnership for a Healthier America is working with private providers like Bright Horizons...We already have commitments that are going to affect hundreds of thousands of children today," said the First Lady in June of 2011. WTF? Daily Caller
  • If you recall, last week I reported on the piece in Brietbart reporting that Obama took money from Bain outsourcing executives.
  • The Obama administration refuses to release all of their Fast and Furious documents yet they want Romney to release all of his tax returns. Last time I checked, no one was killed by Romney not releasing more of his tax returns.
  • In fact, in my opinion, Romney should not release more of his tax returns. It's another diversionary trap set by the Obama campaign. If Romney releases more returns, it still would not be enough. They and the rest of the knee-pad media would want to see more returns.

  • And frankly I don't give a sh!t what Romney did or does with his money. I care what the Obama administration does with my (our) money. To date, they have not been good stewards of our money.
  • Donnie Box, a laid-off steelworker, was used in an Obama campaign ad to bash Romney and Bain. But he admitted he's no big fan of Obama either. "I could really care less about Obama...I think Obama is a jerk, pantywaist, a lightweight, a blowhard. He hasn't done a goddamn thing that he said he would do, " said Box. I have nothing to add.
  • By the way, how serious is Pres. Obama about creating more jobs? Politico is reporting today that his jobs council has not met in over 6 months. It's so clearly obvious. The jobs council is a charade just like all the other councils and commissions he's created.

  • NBC just hired someone to run their new Internet news outlet. It's been rumored they want to end MSNBC in its current form considering the network is largely made up of nitwits. But who did they hire? None other than Vivian Schiller. She's the "genius" and former head of NPR who fired Juan Williams that caused a major embarrassment to NPR. WTF? Big Journalism
  • When Pres. Obama insulted all business owners this week when he said, "if you got a business, you didn't built that," it should not have surprised anyone. His remarks clearly show his lack of any understanding of business and finance. In addition, it also clearly shows he believes in the collective not in what individuals can accomplish on their own. Quite frankly, it's scary and creepy.

  • Politico is reporting on a new CBS News/New York Times Poll that shows enthusiasm for Romney is on the rise while it's down for Obama.  For Romney, Republican enthusiasm is now at 49%. It was 36% in March. For Obama, it was 30% among Democrats just four months ago. It's down to 27% now.  Even more disturbing for the Obama campaign is the finding that 64% of those polled think the country is going in the wrong direction, up from 62% in May.

  • Many of you might recall former NY Democrat Congressman, Anthony Weiner. He was forced to resign from office because he had this nasty habit of sending photos of his---well, his "package"---to women. Initially, he claimed his Twitter account was hacked. But later he admitted he was a pig (although not using that language. That's what everyone else called him). Weiner and his weiner are now sending out trial balloons that he's interested in running for NY City Mayor. Don't be surprised if he actually wins. Scumbags have re-invented themselves before.