Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pelosi, Reid Won't Release Their Tax Returns; Obama's Tax Increases Would Mean over 700k Jobs Lost; Obama's Blunder on Business Remarks; Alec Baldwin Can't Be Happy; Israelis Targeted Again

President Obama is pleased to announce today he created a job. Congratulations to Amelio Markham on his new job making charts illustrating Obama's downward spiraling approval ratings...Letterman

  • Strap yourselves in today, because you're going to need it. If you think you're pissed off now, wait until you finish reading this post. You ain't seen nothing yet.
  • Before I start with the political news, I have a comment regarding the Penn State scandal. Is it any wonder the university is in the trouble it's in when the Board of Trustees can't even decide what to do with Joe Paterno's statue? It should surprise no one why Jerry Sandusky was coddled all those years.  My opinion? The statue MUST come down. It's a distraction. Moreover, it honors a man who knew what Sandusky had been doing for over 12 years. The statue must go down! Furthermore, why didn't the executives at Penn State understand that if they had taken the appropriate actions years ago, they would have protected the school's reputation rather than sweeping it under the rug. These institutions just never learn.
  • McClatchy News service is reporting today that Pelosi, Reid and many others in Congress have not released their own tax returns as they demand Romney to release his. The hypocrisy is so conspicuous, it's disgraceful beyond description.
  • (While I'm on  Sen.Harry Reid, The Las Vegas-Journal reported recently that a solar production company in Nevada that was hailed by Reid has been shut down since May. It used to employ 700 workers and received almost $22 million in taxpayer funded grants). When are more Americans going to realize how much corruption there is in this administration and in Congress?

  • In addition to all those hypocrites in Congress, Pres. Obama has not released his academic records, countless requests for Freedom of Information filings, and Fast and Furious documents among others.

  • Ernst and Young, one of the top four accounting service firms in the world, announced earlier this week that the president's tax increases would be "devastating" to the economy. The firm found if Pres. Obama's plan to raise taxes on incomes over $200K and $250K (for married couples) output in the economy would suffer.  In addition, over 700,000 jobs would be lost and real after-tax wages would fall by almost 2%.

  • Jobless claims soared back up to 386,000 last week. That means those numbers will be revised up but not reported (they've been adjusted up about 95% of the time in the last year). Think about the number for a moment. Over 350,000 people have been applying for FIRST-TIME unemployment claims for several years now. Go ahead. Do the math.

  • So on the heels of the president's statement earlier this week: "If you got a business, you didn't build that---somebody else made that happen," is put in perspective. The contempt by this administration toward the Free-Market is so revealing; it should send shivers down the spines of every American. His implication is government is the institution that helped many of these businesses. He forgets two things: 1-the entrepreneur took the risks not the government. And, 2-If the government is so good, why have totally-controlled government businesses like those in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe all collapse? Mr. President, try to sell your bird-brained scheme to the folks like Henry Ford, Steve Jobs, Forbes, Bill Gates among thousands of others.

  • And while I'm on this, I urge you to visit Michelle Malkin's piece this week about all of the sleazy connections Obama and his crew have with some very shady financial institutions. Check out the connections---she connects all the dots---Obama has to Superior Bank, ShoreBank and Countrywide/Bank of America. Of course, don't forget GE. (It's laughable when the Obama campaign targets outsourcing by Romney when the Obama campaign has so many close ties to GE)
  • Perhaps Romney's lead, albeit small, in the most recent CBS Poll shows many Americans are finally getting the message. That poll has Romney at 47% and Obama at 46%. But, as reported by moi here yesterday, Republicans are more enthusiastic about Romney than Dems are about Obama. But what is significant in this poll is those registered voters polled believe Romney can do a better job than Obama when it comes to the economy and jobs, 49% to 41%---that's out of the margin of error. Just as interesting, only 28% said Obama fulfilled his promise to deliver positive change for the country.
  • These polls also show all those attacks on Romney and Bain: didn't work.

  • You've seen him on TV touting Capital One credit cards. But Alec Baldwin might want to reconsider. Capital One's earnings plunged 90% on top of a fine they had to pay to the feds. According to the Feds, bank regulators misled consumers into paying for extra credit card products. USA TODAY/NY Post

  • This week it was reported---also by PWZ---that the Obama administration excluded Israel from the Global Counterterrorism Forum that was held in Spain last week.  This week, terrorists in Bulgaria bombed a bus full of Israeli tourists. As of now, seven people are dead. The well respected and highly regarded Simon Wiesenthal Center, a Jewish Human Rights group, blasted the Obama administration for allowing Israel to be excluded from that forum. Attacks by Iran and Hezbollah, have also been made against Israelis in Thailand, India, Georgia, Kenya, Cyprus and several other places according to Michael Widlanski, an expert on the Middle East.