Friday, July 27, 2012

Olympic Committee's Hypocrisy; New #'s Show Economy Still Weak; More Disturbing News About ObamaCare; Even ACLU Comes To Defense of Chick fil A; Madonna Booed and Called "Slut" in France

Olympics can inspire American kids to get active. Or it can inspire the kids to sit on the couch and watch the Olympics...Conan

  • The International Olympic Committee's overt hypocrisy knows no bounds, and must be taken to task. Don't get me wrong. I have nothing against the athletes. God bless 'em. When I was a young guy, I actually wanted to be an Olympian like many other guys and gals. I actually bought a used javelin and started throwing it around. That lasted about two weeks when I said to myself, "Why the f%$k am I throwing this spear up and down a football field? It's 1967 for God's sake, not the 15th Century. This is stupid. I'm going back to playing real sports."

  • As many of you know by now, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) continued to refuse to hold a moment of silence for the 11 Israeli athletes murdered by the Black September terrorists (a Palestinian terrorist organization at the time).

  • There are several reasons for their idiotic decision. They openly say the Olympics should not be political. Excuse me! Do they forget where the 1936 Olympics were held? (in Nazi Germany). Do they forget Juan Carlos and Tommy Smith of USA raising their clenched fist in protest at the 1968 Games? No, this is solely about not offending Arab countries, especially Palestinians.  Does anyone think the IOC would take this posture if Israeli athletes had not been murdered? The IOC, like the U.N., are hypocrites. Shameful
  • Romney was taken to task by the Brits because he reminded everyone about the lack of security and the proposed strikes planned during the Olympics. There's only one problem with this criticism: if you read the European papers, including British tabloids,  in the last several months...they were all taking shots at the problems the British were having in hiring enough private security for the Olympics. In fact, the problems were so bad, the Brits called up their own military for security duty. So Mitt just told the truth.

  • As I wrote above, this is not a shot any any Olympians. I fully expect to watch Women's beach volleyball, women's gymnastics, Women's track,  Women's soccer, Women's swimming and Women's diving.

  • Well, like a broken record, the economy grew by a pathetic 1.5% in the second quarter (to get out of this mess, we need an economic growth rate of at least 3.5% for many, many months in a row). As reported several weeks ago, retail sales fell in June for the 3rd month in a row. The only good news was that the first time unemployment claims fell by 35,000 last week. But economists dismissed the drops because of few temporary auto layoffs distorted the number.
  • Amazon reported it's net income was down 96% last quarter.
  • How many New York City residents are on Medicaid? How does 37% sound to you? This costs the city, state and feds almost $30 billion a year.

  • While I'm on Medicaid, there's other disturbing facts that came out this week regarding ObamaCare.  The Congressional Budget Office now reports ObamaCare costs will be higher than first estimated by about $80 billion. In addition, almost all Americans remember the president's assurances that we will all keep our current insurance plans. Well, Health Affairs reported this week that many Americans will be forced to change coverage as more businesses drop their insurance coverage . McKinsey & Co. found that as many as 30% of companies might drop their coverage. Cato Institute

  • Even the Left-leaning ACLU has come to the defense of Chick fil A. In short, they reminded Chicago and Boston governments they cannot punish any employer for their speech (amazing they need to remind city government officials about the First Amendment). In other words, the ACLU reminded those nitwits they can't practice discrimination. Eat more chicken visit Chick fil A this week. Support their freedom of speech.

  • You know you're in trouble when the French call you a "slut." According to reports, her show only lasted about 40 minutes. She was also taken to task for superimposing a Swastika on the face of French right-wing leader, Le Pen. Poor old Madonna. She's trying everything to get attention (I guess it worked. She got it from me).