Monday, July 30, 2012

Pres. Obama's Desperate Move: Clinton To Play Key Role At Convention; Romney Strong in Israel; Even Joe Biden Lies Like A Rug; Kim Rhode: An US Olympian's Awesome Feat

Michael Phelps Using Rosetta Stone To Brush Up On His English...The Onion's Olympic Coverage

  • If Obama does get reelected imagine the mess he will inherit (I can see Bush smiling already).
  • Breaking news now from OMB: Unemployment not expected to go below 7% until about 2016. (It's been over 8% for more than 2 years now)

  • You know the Obama campaign is desperate when it invites Bill Clinton to deliver a prime-time speech at the Democrat National Convention. And one thing is certain: Bubba loves the big stage. Supporting Obama will be on his back burner. It will be all about him. So that leads me to a question: Is it really a good idea for the Obama campaign to give Clinton center stage? I don't know, but I doubt it will help Obama.

  • And with unemployment over 8% now for several years and an anemic economic growth rate, Charles Gasparino of Fox Business said it best: "Winning the election comes before dealing with an economy that's headed for the cliff."
  • Rasmussen Daily Tracking Poll Today: Romney 47 to Obama's 44%.

  • It was good watching and listening Romney pull no punches in Israel this weekend. He said, "We cannot stand silent as those who seek to undermine Israel voice their criticisms. And we certainly should not join in that criticism." Directed at the Obama's shameful treatment of Israel in the last 3 plus years. Romney added: "Diplomatic distance in public between our nations emboldens Israel's adversaries." He also pledged to move the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem if Israel's government would approve.
  • In addition, he didn't hold back in warning what he would do with Iran if he were president. "We should employ any and all measures the Iranian regime from its nuclear the final analysis, no option should be excluded."

  • Now off to Poland: Sto Lat!!!

  • Romney was criticized for telling the truth in England. And sometimes telling the truth is politically incorrect. Krisy H Twitter. She's right. Hell must have frozen over because even Piers Morgan, CNN and a Brit, agreed with Romney. There have been so many empty seats at the London games, they started filling them up with military troops.
  • How bad is crime in Rham Emanuel's Chicago? This bad. Residents are more likely to be killed going shopping at the corner deli than if they were serving in Afghanistan---over 5000 have been murdered in the last 10 years. By the way, those numbers are similar to those in Philadelphia and other American cities.

  • Slo Joe Biden lies like a rug ( pun intended Mr. Plugs). Biden likes to tell everyone he's just a "regular guy" or that he's America's "middle-class everyman" as Malkin stated so well.  In a speech in Philly last week, he actually said, "I wish my kids would become wealthy." So what do his kids do? His oldest son, Beau, is the Attorney General of Delaware (the state Slo Joe represents in the Senate-can you spell Nepotism?). Beau is also a former law partner of one of Delaware's leading law firms.  His younger son, Hunter, is a lobbyist and an attorney. He also does work for Eudora Global, a growth and acquisition firm (acquisition? Did you hear that Romney bashers?). Hunter also worked at PARADIGM Global Advisors, a hedge-fund holding company. Before that, Hunter was senior VP at MBNA America BAnd, one of his father's wealthiest donors. Say it ain't so Joe? (Michelle Malkin)

  • Not many Americans know Kim Rhode. She's an Olympian skeet shooter. She also did something no American Olympian has done before her, not Phelps, not Spitz and not even Carl Lewis. She medaled in 5 consecutive Olympics. She won her fifth Olympic medal and her third gold.