Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Progressive Democrats Keep Spitting on the Constitution; Chick Fil A Day; Voters Vote Down Obama's Attacks on Wealthy; WTF:Iraq Did Have WMD's; Does Obama Want To Use Clinton's Record?; Poles Trust Romney Not Obama; ObamaCare Rationing Has Begun

To re-elect Obama would be like the Titanic backing up and hitting the iceberg again...Twitter feed

  • If there is one fact coming out of the controversy over the statements from the CEO from Chick fil A (all he did was reinforce his support of traditional marriage, something Obama did prior to running for re-election and what more than half the states have reinforced to date), Progressive Democrats keep spitting on the Constitution. And, if you need proof, all you have to do is read and listen to how they have attacked Chick fil A. Last week, it was progressive nitwits like Rham Emanuel, Mayor of Chicago (that week, 14 people were murdered in Chicago), and several other mayors, who joined the bashing of the fast-food chain. Well now, one of the biggest jerks in politics, NY City Council Speaker, Christin Quinn, wants NYU to evict Chis fil A from campus.

  • Many readers of my blog know I rarely call anyone a "Nazi." For one, I'm familiar with their atrocities because many in my family lived, suffered and some died by the hands of those monsters.  But it's generally been the progressive Left that throws that card out against conservatives (Bush had to deal with those attacks from the Left for 8 years). In the case of progressives bashing Chick fil A and now with this jerk's demanding the restaurant be evicted from NYU's campus, it reminds me of the attacks by the Nazis on Jewish owned businesses. After the Nazis started that campaign, many Jewish businesses and store fronts were vandalized and many Jews were attacked and beaten. Of course, we know the rest of that story. At least, Mayor Bloomberg came to his senses. His response to Quinn's rant was correct. He said, "You can't have a test for what the owner's personal views are before you decide to give a permit to do something in the city." He added, "Yo really don't want to ask about political beliefs or religious beliefs. That's not the government's job." That's right. It's a flagrant violation of the First Amendment.
  • Wednesday is Chick fil A day. If you're close to one, drop in and have breakfast, lunch or dinner or all three.
  • Once again, this controversy clearly shows how intolerant the Left really is.

  • There is hope, but not the kind Obama talks about. The most recent Gallup Poll shows, without a doubt, most Americans do not agree with the Democrat's  attacks on the rich especially when it comes to taxing them. What do voters think is more important? Creating jobs, followed by reducing corruption, then dealing with terrorism. Where does taxing the rich importance fall? Dead last. Only 21% of those polled said taxing the rich was an important thing to do now. In other words, the last three years of this strategy attacking the rich---failed miserably with voters.
  • In my "WTF"File, I'm wondering why this story is just a footnote. In USA TODAY, the headline to the piece reads: "Iraq to be cleared of chemical weapons." Say What? We were told for over 8 years there were no WMD's in Iraq.  Yet, the article says this: "Britain will help the Iraqi government dispose of what's left of deposed Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein's CHEMICAL WEAPONS..."
  • Romney paid over $3 million in taxes in 2011. That's enough to support 24,000 people on food stamps.
  • Ann Romney, while raising 5 boys and battling MS, managed to get a degree at Harvard.
  • So the Obama campaign will have Clinton as a key speaker at their convention. Don't you get the feeling he now wants to run on Clinton's record? Might backfire because highlighting Bubba might show how bad Obama really has been as president.

  • Obama is not popular in Poland for many reasons. Most Poles feel, as many Israelis do, that Obama's foreign policy has not been very favorable to Poland. Perhaps it's because Poland cut taxes and cut burdensome regulations on businesses resulting in one of the better economies outside of the Eurozone.

  • You want to own part of a major sports franchise? Manchester United went public yesterday. Shares, as of yesterday, are going for about $20 bucks.

  • How many "green' companies that received taxpayer money have gone broke? How does 12 sound? Yep, Solyndra is just one of 12 that amount to millions being wasted.
  • Obama owns the largest 4 deficits in American history.
  • Kaiser Health News is reporting this week that states have begun limiting the number of prescriptions for people on Medicaid. In other words, ObamaCare rationing has begun. Welcome to socialized medical care folks.
  • Guess who is fighting in Syria? Al Qaeda. I guess they want to get in on the Arab Spring too.