Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Don't Choke My Chick fil A; Tea Party Backed Ted Cruz Wins Big; Black Pastors Hammer Obama; Romney Honors Poles; Poles Also Honor Reagan; Green Energy Company Creates A Whopping 3 Jobs After Receivng Millions in Taxpayer Funded Grants; Congratulations To Our Olympic Athletes

"I'm not a racist. I don't like Biden either."...Twitter feed

  • "Don't Choke My Chick fil A" is the motto for those living in the Philadelphia area today. Today is "eat at Chick fil A Wednesday" and the fast-food chain is going to do a flame-throwing business today around the nation. Prediction: Chick fil A customers will outnumber the nitwit protesters by 20-1 perhaps even higher.
  • Every time the Left boycotts companies, they fail. They tried to boycott Walmart and the stock soared. They tried to boycott Whole Foods over their CEO's criticism of ObamaCare, they failed. They will fail with Chick fil A too.

  • Once again, a Tea Party backed candidate won a Senate runoff election in Texas. Ted Cruz, a conservative, Cuban-American, won the GOP nomination to replace the seat now held by Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson (R). To repeat for those who think the Tea Party will not be a big player in the  coming elections: you're wrong!

  • Yesterday the President and founder of the Coalition of African Pastors, Rev. William Owens, announced it is launching a campaign in support of traditional marriage. He made it clear they do not support Obama's efforts to support same-sex marriage. The CAAP already has over 100,000 signatures on a petition.  I'm awaiting the knee-pad media, progressives and the Democrats to accuse Rev. Owens of racism.

  • Contrary to what we've been hearing from the knee-pad media, Romney's trip was a success. While Obama received endorsements from scumbags like Hugo Chavez and Iran's Amdinejad, Romney received an endorsement from Lech Walesa, a true hero. Romney hailed the Polish people and the late John Paul II. Romney also reminded the world of Ronald Reagan's support of Lech Walesa and other Solidarity members who were imprisoned under the Commies. For those who remember, when those patriots were in prison, Pres. Reagan lit candles in the White House in support of those in prison. Walesa and the others knew then that the United States of America would not abandon them. It's one of the reasons why Ronald Reagan is held in such esteem in Poland.
  • Romney said of Poles, "I, and my fellow Americans, are inspired by the path of freedom trad by the people of Poland." If Obama said that, he would have stopped at "I."

  • Two weeks ago, the Poles unveiled a statue of Reagan and Pope John Paul II in Gdansk, Poland. Walesa said, "Reagan should have a monument in every city."
  • From 2000-2004, Romney donated 15% of his income to charity. The Obama's donated a whopping 1%. Biden didn't even make the charts.
  • Price of fuel increased 17% in July alone. It's the biggest July jump since 2000 according to AAA.
  • How large was the power outage in India this week? Think USA's population and double it. The outage affected over 620 million people.
  • Green energy company Mascoma Corp. was awarded over $100 million from taxpayers in 2008. It pledged to create at least 70 jobs by this year. It's created a whopping three (3) jobs to date. The Blaze
  • Congratulations to Mike Phelps and the other USA Olympians who were awarded Gold Medals this week. As many know by now, Phelps is now in the Olympic record books with 19 (that's more than many countries received in the last 100 years).

  • And U.S. Army Sgt. Vincent Hancock won a Gold in men's skeet shooting. He hit his targets 148 out of 150 times. He was 25 for 25 in the final round. Hooah!!!
  • Will Bill Clinton remind the DNC audience when he balanced the budget, he had a GOP congress?