Thursday, August 2, 2012

Chick fil A Fed Americans Freedom & It Tasted Great; Jobless Claims Up Again; Obama Violates The Warn Act; Our Bankrupt Space Program; London's Mayor Left Hangng; Comedian Who Joked About Islamists Shot Dead; Ahmadinejad: Annihilate Israel

"Who knew chicken can bring people together like Obama Cannot."...Twitter feed yesterday

  • Let's be clear about a few things regarding yesterday's huge crowds eating at Chick fil A (The food chain set a world record for business yesterday with 7 hours left until they closed). One, yesterday was not about traditional marriage or same-sex marriage. It was about freedom and the First Amendment. Second, the Left threw out the marriage issue as a distraction from  the failed policies of this administration. It worked for one day,but it also backfired. And finally, yesterday was a window into what election day will look like. America voted with their wallets yesterday. On election day, they will vote with their feet. In other words, you ain't seen nothin' yet.
  • One more item: there were no crimes committed. There were no arrests. There were no people at the doors with billy clubs threatening customers. Yesterday Americans were well fed on freedom.

  • But there was hate---from the Left. Roseanne Barr, Hollywood's resident nitwit, wished cancer on all Chick fil A customers. That's her after singing the National Anthem after she spit on the ground. Another testimony to how the Left views America.
  • Jobless claims rose up again to 365,000. And, as predicted, the jobless claims last week were revised UP again to 357,000.
  • Many Americans probably never heard of the War Act (2007). It mandates employers to notify their employees of any impending mass layoffs within 60 days of the planned layoffs.  The Obama administration countermanded that Law through the Dept. of Labor. Anticipating many layoffs from the defense industry due to defense cuts, the administration told employers of that industry NOT to give prior notice within that 60 day window. Why? Because the administration and campaign want to avoid bad news of layoffs just days before the election. Commentary Magazine

  • It's bad enough that now we're hitching rides to space with the Russians. But it should surprise no one with the type of leadership we now have at NASA. NASA's chief, Charles Bolden, said this week, "I have no desire to do a Mars landing on our own...The U.S. cannot always be the leader." That statement should make every American hurl. But it should surprise no one considering the man running this nation today. Instead we were left with the image of a shuttle being TOWED on a barge.

  • Last week, London's Mayor Boris Johnson took some shots at an alleged unflattering statement Romney made about some of the problems with the Olympics (Romney simply repeated what the London press had been writing for months). Anyway. the dufis mayor decided to take a ride on a zipline yesterday. He got stuck half-way and looked like an imbecile. It's called Karma and it can be a bitch.

  • Unless you are Somalian, you probably never heard of Abdi Marhale. He was a Somalian comedian. Unfortunately, the adherents to the Religion of Peace decided to kill him. They shot him in the head earlier this week because he poked fun at Islamists.

  • Don't be surprised if Israel does something about Iran soon. Yesterday, Iran's scumbag dictator and president said the ultimate goal of world forces must be the annihilation of Israel. He's knocking on Karma's door.

  • How bias is the media? Look up.