Friday, August 3, 2012

8.3% Unemployment? You Ain't Seen Nut'n Yet; Claims That Republicans & Tea Party Are Not Diverse Are Bold Faced Lies; A Newspaper Editorial Staff With Balls; Little Coverage of Chick Fil A in Knee-Pad Media; Congratulations Gabby!!!

There was one other good outcome for the Left and Obama from Wednesday's chicken feeding frenzy: They found a stimulus program that actually worked...paraphrasing a Twitter feed

  • If you think  unemployment above 8% for 41 straight months is high, allow me to let you in on a little secret. It's not the real unemployment rate.  The real rate, called the U-6, is almost twice that at 14.9% (The U-6 tallies everyone out of work or underemployed).  Only 3 states in this entire great nation have U-6 rates of under 10% (Nebraska, S.Dakota and N. Dakota). But that's not where this horrific data ends. Nevada's U-6 rate is now 22.1%. California is at 20.3% and RI is at 18.3%. Folks, those are rates approaching numbers now seen in Euro countries that are imploding economically (which we are already seeing in parts of California with several cities declaring bankruptcies in the last month). Let's see how the knee-pad media,  Dems and Pres. Obama spin this news today.

  • Oh, it's started already. The dumbest Congressperson in Congress today next to Harry Reid and Barbara Boxer, Pelosi just tweeted, "163,000 jobs were created despite Republicans refusal to work with Pres. Obama and Democrats to create jobs." I tweeted her back reminding her that under her tenure and Obama's, it's been over 8% for over 3 years. She also fails to let everyone know Dems were in control of Congress for the first two years of Obama's presidency.
  • Speaking of Tweets on the economy, Twitter reported today that Obama-related Tweets on the economy are almost ALL negative.
  • Oh, one more thing. For millions of Americans, unemployment benefits are coming to an end soon. Get those food pantries ready. We're gonna become a poorer nation than we are now.

  • How often have the Republicans and Tea Party folks been charged with the claim they are not diverse? Too often to count. Let's look at the facts. Here are just a few who are upcoming stars in the Republican Party:  Ted Cruz, a Cuban-American backed by the Tea Party, just won in Texas. Marco Rubio, a Cuban-American, is a Republican Senator in Florida. Allen West, a black Republican, is a Representative from Florida. Tim Scott is a black Republican representing South Carolina's 1st District. And Nikki Haley, an American of Indiana descent, is the Republican Governor of South Carolina.
  • "95 days till vindication, 170 days till liberation." Twitter feed a few minutes ago
  • With the impending Kiss In's at Chick Fil A's today, I thought I'd share part of the editorial from the NY Post today with you: "We're sick and tired of being bullied---forced to adopt speech codes and politically correct policies and practices insisted upon by activist elites and lefty pols." That's an editorial staff with ball.
  • Did you know that much of the knee-pad media did not cover the Chick Fil A's independence day eat out? There was nothing on the front pages of the NY Slimes,  Washington Post, Chicago Fibune and others. Media bias at its best by not reporting the news.

  • And did you know the nitwit mayor of San Francisco actually threatened Chick Fil A? He Tweeted, "Closest Chick Fil A to San Francisco is 40 miles away and I strongly recommend they not try to come any closer." And you would do what exactly, Mr. Putzy Mayor?  Mayor Dufis. This week black pastors came out in opposition to Pres. Obama's support of same-sex marriage. Will you be telling the black pastors in San Francisco they better not remain in the city?
  • For all of you who invested in Facebook, did you know they admitted some 83 million of their total users are fakes? Well, they did. Australian Financial Review
  • George Mason University estimated that over 2 million jobs will be lost if there are cuts in the defense budget (the Defense Department is already absorbing almost $500 billion in defense cuts). If these cuts do come, our Navy will be down to about 240 ships, the lowest in 6 decades (Reagan had our Navy up to 600 ships). It will also cut our Air Force fleet drastically. The average age of our AF fleet is now 23 years.

  • Congratulations to Olympic gold medalist, 16-year old Gabby Douglas the first African American to win the all-around gymnastics competition. Hooah Girl!!!
  • Michael Phelps now has 20 Olympic medals, a record.  I looked at the medal count for these Olympics, he has more medals than 22 countries do now.