Monday, August 6, 2012

Yo Knee-Pad Media: You're Suppose To Cover the President Not Cover For Him; Knee-Pad Media's Attacks on Romney's Euro Trip Did Not Work; Obama Supporters: Can Even You Take 4 More Years of This?

There are a lot of famous clowns. Bozo the Clown, Krusty the Clown, Joe Biden. There's three right there...Ferguson

  • Before I begin, a thought raced through my mind this morning after pondering the  the Chick Fil A controversy. Did you notice those who have been bullied most of their lives (gays) have now become bullies themselves? Just sayin'. And regarding the failed Kiss In protest, one person on Twitter made the point they want same-sex marriage but can't commit to a one-day protest.
  • One more racing thought. Pres. Obama did not support same-sex marriage until a few months ago. Does that mean he would not have been allowed in Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia since he didn't fit their values as Rham Emanuel declared so foolishly? 
  • The evidence of media bias is now so overwhelming, they don't even care anymore. It's evidenced every day. How often have we seen them covering for Obama and the Left rather than covering both? Countless times.
  •  In 2008, media coverage of Obama was 61% positive compared to 31% for McCain (Huffington Post). This week it was reported that 86% of the media's coverage of Romney has been negative (Forbes/Bing News). 

  • During the  2008  campaign, the NY Times accused McCain of adultery without any evidence at all yet they already knew John Edwards was a scumbag.
  • We've seen conspicuous bias against the Tea Party calling them racists, homophobes, etc., yet very little in the main stream media about Occupy violence, bigotry and intolerance.
  • We've seen them savage conservative women going as far as calling one the "C" word.
  • We've saw them convict the Duke lacrosse players before all the evidence was in (same can be said with the reporting of Zimmerman).

  • We've heard them cover-up for the conspicuous lies by Democrats while calling Republicans the liars.
  • We saw them fail to report the Ft. Hood shooter was an avowed Islamist yet the recent shooter at the Sikh temple was immediately identified as a former "army" vet.
  • We watched as months went by before anyone in the main stream media covered the Fast & Furious scandal. NBC News did not report on this scandal until June of this year even though it was being investigated for over a year.

  • We've recently watched them attack Romney for his wealth, yet most attacking him for his wealth are also wealthy themselves.
  • We've watched them demand Romney release more tax returns while they don't report on many of those demanding Romney release his tax returns have not released their returns or even paid their taxes. A political cartoon this weekend shows Harry Reid proclaiming Romeny did not pay his taxes. The guy he's talking to responds, "You're confusing him with the Treasury Secretary, Senator."
  • We've seen them attack Romney for sending jobs overseas while Obama has sent many jobs overseas himself. In fact, just this weekend, Las Vegas papers are reporting Harry Reid helped Chinese solar firms represented by...his son.

  • We've seen them completely neglect reporting on Obama's ACORN connections while it took new media (Breitbart) to break those stories.
  • We've heard them accuse the Republicans of being uncivil (recall what happened after the Giffords shooting); yet they cover for the uncivil behavior of many Democrats (most recently Harry Reid).
  • Even after the knee-pad media blasted Romney during his Euro trip, Rasmussen found more Americans preferred Romney over Obama in dealing with our allies. And for dealing with our enemies, Romney edged Obama 44to 43%.
  • Did you know, adjusted for inflation, the feds spent more on Medicare and Medicaid than it spent on EVERYTHING in 1960? NY Post
  • The federal government spent over $3.6 trillion last year. That comes out to $400 million an hour. Does that make you feel any better?
  • What do you get when you don't have Capitalism? Cuba. Tweet

  • Finally, for those who still support Obama, do these things not bother you: 42 straight months of unemployment over 8%; about 350,000 people applying for first time unemployment each WEEK; approaching $16 trillion in debt. A trail of dead solar and green companies after receiving billions in your hard-earned tax money. Fast and Furious scandal. Putting the kibosh to the Keystone Pipeline. Four straight years of deficits. Economic growth at a pathetic 1.5%. Historic numbers of Americans in poverty and on food stamps. Class warfare. Race cards. Need I list anymore or are you just too f^cking stupid?