Monday, August 20, 2012

Even Knee-Pad Media Tells Obama to "Hit The Road."; Swing Voters Say We Are Not Better Off Than 4 Years Ago; If Only They Had Listened To Ryan in 2000; The Myth of the Arab Spring Continues: Crucifixtions

Biden has a new slogan: "Chains You Can Believe In."...Leno

  • Well, we've all been wondering when hell would freeze over. I think it did this week.  Newsweek's cover this week: "Hit The Road Barack. Why We Need A New President" In a piece written by British historian Niall Ferguson, he writes it's time for Pres. Obama to take a hike.  Even more revealing is Ferguson's claim that only Romney/Ryan can turn the country around. In short, he points out that many of Obama's promises have been broken. He also makes the indictment that we're now a 50-50 nation where 50% of the nation pays taxes while the other 50% receiving the benefits {and not paying taxes}. It's also clear that Ferguson is very impressed with Paul Ryan.
  • One more thing, more Americans are learning that "Hope" is not hiring.

  • But there is still proof that hell has not frozen over. MSNBC still has Sharpton on their payroll.
  • On the heels of this news, USA TODAY/Gallup are reporting today that swing state voters say they are not better off today than they were four years ago by a margin of 56-40%.

  • It's also becoming more clear to many more Americans, we have too many dummies in Congress (as evidenced by the head putz captioned above). In fact, they are so dumb and lazy, this Congress is going down as the least productive in the post-WWII era according to USA TODAY last week.
  • It also appears that Romney and Ryan are having some success in pointing out that it's been the Obama administration who gutted part of Medicare to the tune of $700 billion as reported by the Congressional Budget Office.

  • Peggy Noonan made a point many Republicans and Conservatives have been alleging for quite some time. If Slo Joe Biden were a Republican, we'd be seeing headlines endlessly about how stupid he is. If you don't believe me, revisit all the stories written about Dan Quayle was chosen by Bush 1 to be his VP.
  • In fact, a new Rasmussen Poll reports that Americans feel Ryan is more prepared to be president than Biden.
  • One fact is very, very clear. Paul Ryan is one smart and hip guy.  Moreover, I do not anticipate Romney/Ryan gutting our military. If the Obama and Democrat sequestration cuts go into effect next year, we will be looking at a Navy smaller than we had at the turn of the century and the smallest Army and Air Force since WWII. It's estimated that over 200,000 service personnel will be forced to retire. In addition, over 1 million defense related jobs will be lost.
  • How much smarter is Ryan than Obama and Biden? The Wall Street Journal reported this weekend that if only Congress had listened to Ryan in 2000, we might not have had the housing meltdown. In 2000, Ryan sponsored a bill to reduce taxpayer risks at Fannie and Freddie. Obama and Biden opposed the legislation. In fact, the WSJ also points out that "Mr. Ryan continued his sometimes lonely effort to reform the mortgage giants..."

  • Over a year ago, I referred to the Arab Spring as a myth. It appears I might have been right all along.  Right now, it appears Egypt is heading toward a tyrannical government. The new government, headed by the Muslim Brotherhood (how many times have we said, "I told you so" about these guys being pricks?) have targeted the press and TV. The press who have criticized the government have been either targeted for retribution or been taken off the air.

  • Oh, one more report about the Arab Spring. Opponents of the new president and the Muslim Brotherhood have been crucified. Yes, crucified. UK Daily Mail