Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Progressives Lie About Everything; Auto Bailout Was A Bust; American Voters Overwhelmingly Support Voter ID Laws; Gov. Christie To Give Keynote; Young Voters: Don't Be Fooled Again; Socialism Fails Again

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  • The good news for conservatives and Republicans is knowing that Paul Ryan can take incoming very well. And even more good news: Ryan and Romney know that Liberal and Progressives always lie.
  • In addition to all the lies they said about Romney in the last several months, the most recent lies surround Ryan's ideas on how to cut the budget and spending. For all you naive seniors out there, understand this: Ryan has no plans to cut your Medicare benefits or your Social Security.

  • Ryan's revamping plan for Medicare will not affect any senior over the age of 55. Got it! And it won't kick in for at least another 10 years. Got it! In fact, his plan gives seniors choices. If you want to keep traditional Medicare, you can. Got it!
  • And the guy who gutted your Medicare already was Obama. Got it! He diverted about $700 billion in Medicare cuts to fund ObamaCare. Got it!
  • And if nothing is done soon, Medicare's own actuary reported that Medicare is now 12 years away from bankruptcy. Got it!

  • One more thing you need to know. Obama's budget has not been approved by Congress for the last 3 years. In fact, he's not even received any Democrat votes in support of his budget. But Ryan's budget received Democrat support.
  • Question for Obama supporters: If Obama's plan is working, how come we have 20 million either unemployed or underemployed? How come the poverty rate is the highest in the nation's history?  How come about 45 million Americans are receiving food stamps? How come?

  • When you listen to Dems bashing Ryan now, you need to know that several high profile Dems praised Ryan in the past including Pres. Obama, Joe Biden, Sen. Joe Lieberman and even Bill Clinton.  Miraculously, Ryan is now a bad man, a very bad man?

  • This is directed to all  young voters. Don't be fooled again. Know this. This election is about YOUR future as well as America's future. You also need to know this fundamental truth: The Obama administration has done significant damage to your futures already. You cannot allow more damage to be done. You have an opportunity and an obligation to put an end to this incompetence. The future of this country rests on your shoulders. Do the right thing. 
  • Did you know that taxpayers lost about $16 billion in bailing out the auto industry? So each taxpayer paid about $3 grand for a car they did not even buy. WSJ
  • The Washington Post is reporting that 74% of American voters support Voter ID Laws. You won't hear that from Eric Holder.
  • "Ryan pick disastrous for women who supported John Edwards." Twitter

  • Update on Sean Penn's buddy, Hugo Chavez: Venezuela is reporting major food shortages. Another example of socialism's failures. Keep in mind, Sean Penn supports a dictator who supports Syria's Assad who has murdered about 20,000 of his own people in the last year.
  • Gov. Chris Christie has been chosen to give the GOP Keynote Speech at their convention. He'll light sh!t up.