Friday, August 31, 2012

Romney Vs. The Empty Chair; Clint Eastwood Ties Dems & Presstitute's Panties in a Knot; Conservative Women Dazzled; Will Betty White Save Democrats?; The Knee-Pad Media's Racists; Romney Heading To Hurricane Devastated Area; Obama To Texas

"The empty chair would have made a better president than Obama." My Tweet last night

  • I made several observations last night regarding the entire RNC.
  • One is clear: Romney unified the Republican Party.
  • Romney and the other speakers did not shy away from placing Medicare, Bain and the Mormon religion on the front burners. They took it to the Democrats (why not? Dems will be using those issues anyway).
  • Republican and Conservative women were also the stars.  Democrats and liberals will continue to wage a war on conservative women, but, I'm convinced, those attacks will fail. America was dazzled by Ann Romney, Condi Rice, Mia Love (running for a House seat out of Utah. She's also black and a Mormon. You know that drives the Left nuts), Gov. Martinez, Gov. Mary Fallin, and Gov. Nikki Haley.

  • So who will the Dems trot out next week: Betty White and Sandra Fluke.
  • You can be assured of one thing. The Democrats, as they always do, will be trotting out a lot of people they perceive as being "victims."
  • What else will we be seeing? They will, once again, blame Bush (by saying they inherited a mess and will try to attach Romney to Bush).  Democrats will highlight Bin Laden's whacking. Getting troops out of Iraq. They will try to highlight the "rescue" of the auto industry. They will attack Romney and Ryan on Medicare. They will say they are moving "forward." They will target their base with issues surrounding abortion and immigration.

  • The knee-pad media and Dems were not happy with Clint taking shots at Pres. Obama last night. They conveniently forget the 8 years they were making vile jokes about Bush from the Late Night comics to Jon Stewart to Colbert and countless others. Hypocrites one and all.
  • How bad has the knee-pad media become when their fact-checkers are proven to be liars?
  • How bad has the knee-pad media become when the likes of Chris Mathews and others say when Republicans refer to Chicago; it's being racist? (I guess if Sinatra were alive today, he'd be called a racist by these nitwits). By the way, what kind of neighborhood do you think Mathews lives in anyway? I guarantee you he does not live in any downtown or center city of any major American city.

  • "I can assure you I know one country that can't wait for Romney to be elected---Poland." My Tweet last night
  • And who really are the racists? MSNBC chose NOT to cover any speeches whenever a minority Republican took the stage.
  • What do four of the five states that have the lowest unemployment in the country have in common? They drill for oil and gas (N. Dakota, S. Dakota, Oklahoma & Nebraska).
  • New York Public school system had over 20,000 incidents of violence in 2010. It's not any better today.
  • Breaking News Now: Romney will be visiting the Hurricane damaged areas. Pres. Obama is going to Texas. White House reports they have not yet made any plans for Obama to visit that devastated area yet. (ABC News)

Republicans have Eastwood, Norris, Willis and others, Democrats have the guy above.