Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Why Akin Hurts Romney?; Ryan Comes Out With His Bow String Drawn; Romney Even Raising Money in Democrat Controlled Cities; Obama's Medicare Cuts Already Hurt Seniors and Physicians

Pregnant Women Relieved To Learn Her Rape Was Illegitimate...The Onion headline

  • "Is it surprise a guy who knows so little about a woman's body doesn't know when to pull out?'
  • That's from Leno, and he's right. Let me get something out there for those who have never read this blog before.  I want nothing more than to see the taillights of Obama's limo driving away from the White House on January 20, 2013. And that's why I feel so strongly about the damage Akin is doing and can do to Romney.
  • Take the last 3-4 days. It's been all about Akin, Akin, Akin...That means Romney and Ryan have not been able to get their message out during this period with a presstitute media that loves distractions to divert attention from Obama's failed policies (as one guy Tweeted yesterday, "Journalists don't think they're biased in much the same way fish don't know they are wet."). With only about 75 days left until the election, losing 3-4 days can hurt a campaign's messaging.
  • And regarding the media's bias, keep in mind not only do they continue to give Slo Joe Biden passes for his dumb and sometimes vile remarks, they give passes to the likes of Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) who actually asked NASA whether the Mars Rover took a photo of the American flag Neil Armstrong left behind there. Betcha you never heard about that one, right? Akin does not understand another important fact. The presstitutes would like nothing more than his staying in the race. He's become an easy target for them.

  • Just as important, this election---like most---will most likely be over only 10% of the electorate. It appears it might come down to the swing states and independent voters. Obama won all of those states last time. Romney needs to take every state McCain won including several of the swing states (Remember: we're talking about electoral votes). In addition, Republicans need to have a net gain of four seats in November to take control of the Senate. In my opinion, Akin's selfishness and self-absorption does not help making those gains.

  • Having said all of this, there is light at the end of the tunnel. The Republican Convention starts next week. Even the knee-pad media can't avoid it (especially if a hurricane joins the party). Also, Romney is making significant gains in swing states. His numbers are moving up, not down. Recent polling also shows Obama is in trouble among voters when it comes to his handling of the economy.

  • And then there's Paul Ryan. In Pennsylvania he came out with both barrels when he said, "Hey, I am a Catholic deer hunter. I am happy to be clinging to my guns and my religion." This was a direct shot at Obama's 2008 primary race when he told well-healed donors that Pennsylvanians were not supporting him because they "cling to their guns and religions." Hooah to Ryan!
  • There's even more good news for Romney. He's been able to raise a lot of money from Democrat controlled cities like New York, LA and Sand Francisco. (AP).
  • There is some good news for Obama. He received the endorsement of the Communist Party last week.
  • One more thing that I believe helps Romney. Romney and Ryan are talking about policies and solutions. Obama and Biden, on the other hand, keep blurting out slogans and bumper sticker proclamations. In addition, Obama continues to diminish the Office of the Presidency. As Goodwin of the NY Post pointed out recently, Obama uses Air Force One as his personal "collection shuttle." His administration leaks intelligence data that harms our national security (just ask former SEAL Team members who have come out strongly against the president). Goodwin wrote, "No. 44 specializes in a small-mindedness fueled by arrogance and contempt..."

  • And for those seniors still concerned about their Medicare. For those older than 55, Obama has already cut your Medicare. Ryan's plan does not. In fact, if you need more proof about how much damage Obama has done to Medicare, all you need to do is ask any physician. In short, Obama's Medicare cuts sent this message to doctors: Keep doing what you are doing for 1/3  of what the cost to treat patients should be.
  • And for all you investors in Facebook out there. Don't you find it a tad worrisome when you find out Peter Thiel, an early backer of Facebook and board member, dumped 14 million shares of the company's stock? USA TODAY