Thursday, August 23, 2012

Why Do So Many Single Women Support Democrats?; Knee-Pad Presstitutes Admit To Being Tools For Obama & Democrats; All 3 Networks To Diss RNC Next Week; Continued Bad Economic News

Poll Reveals You Live In Country Where Mentally Ill Man Has Good Chance Of Being Senator...The Onion's Political Page

  • Why do so many single women support Democrats and Obama? In fact, Democrats and liberals use this data to support their phony claim that Republicans wage war on women. I raise that question considering most polls show single women support Obama over Romney by 2-1 (Quinnipiac University Polling). I sense it's largely due to the issues of abortion and contraception. Yet, even if that's the case, why would so many women support a party that includes (included)  the likes of Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton, John Edwards, Elliot Spitzer, Gary Hart and other pigs?  On the other hand, who have been the real stars of the Republican Party? It's been strong conservative women.

  • It's certainly been no secret most of the knee-pad media support Obama and Democrats. It is unusual for some to admit it.  In addition to the stacked-deck Republicans will be facing in their debates (all moderators are liberal: CNN's Candy Crowley; CBS's Bob Schieffer; ABC's Martha Raddatz, formally of NPR, and Jim Lehrer of PBS), several presstitutes have now admitted they were and are tools for the administration.
  • Mark Halperin of MSNBC said recently, "The media is very susceptible to doing what the Obama campaign wants." ABC's Jack Tapper admitted this week he thought the "media helped tip the scales" for Obama in 2008. And MSNBC's political chief, Chuck Todd, reported that Slo Joe Biden's staff try to edit the press pool reports to cover for Biden's gaffes. M.Malkin

  • On top of this news, Politico is now reporting that all of the major networks will not be airing prime-time coverage of the RNC this coming Monday. That means most Americans will miss Ann Romney's speech.
  • First time jobless claims jumped to 372,000 last month, a rise of 4,000. And the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office reported yesterday-- if Bush tax cuts are allowed to expire---a new recession is likely next year with unemployment rising to 9%. And USA TODAY is reporting today that the middle-class has taken a major hit. Surveys of those in the middle-class confirm just over half of them say it will take at least five years to get back to where they were before the recession started.

  • Market Watch (WSJ) reported today that the job market is so bad for recent college grads, many are taking jobs that only require a high school diploma.
  • In addition to the possibility of the hurricane crashing the RNC's party next week and the uncovering of possible anarchists preparing for violence, there's really a more important concern: who will be the first politician and/or surrogate from either party who will be 140 characters away from making a fool of themselves?
  • Cardinal Dolan is expected to give the benediction at the RNC convention. While his spokespeople say it's not a partisan appearance, the fact is he is sending a message to Catholic voters. Namely, don't support Obama because the rules in ObamaCare that violate Catholic and Christian core values.
  • And for us Boomers: Dylan, Beatles and The Stones have now been on the music scene for 50 years.