Friday, August 24, 2012

Yo Young Voters: Obama Is Not Cool; Romney Holds Big Lead Among Independents; Syrian Violence Now Bleeding Into Neighboring Countries

CDC Finds Decrease In Oral Sex Among Teens When Researchers Are Observing...The Onion's Science report

  • Several weeks ago, I believe I made a good case supporting my contention that Obama is not a nice guy. Today, I want to direct this same assertion regarding Obama's alleged "coolness" to young voters. Obama is not cool. The Obama administration's policies have severely damaged your futures. That's not cool. It's the Obama administration's (and Democrat's) policies that have put major obstacles in the way of your finding a good job. That's also not cool. It's their policies burdening you with unsustainable debt. Not cool. Carrying an Al Green tune or shooting a decent jump shot does not make one cool. Doing anything, including lying like a rug, to retain power is not cool. It's not cool giving everything away. Cool is being yourself not trying to be everything to everybody. Cool is being cool and not even knowing your cool. Narcissism is not cool. When you try too hard to be cool: you're not. Obama is not cool.
  • Have you ever heard of a guy named Kerry Gauthier? But I betcha you heard a lot about Todd Akin in the last two weeks. So who is Gauthier? He's a Minnesota State Representative (D) who was busted recently for giving oral sex to a 17 year old boy at a rest stop. Now you know more about media bias. Sometimes it takes the form of non-reporting especially if a report could damage a Democrat or liberal politician.

  • You most likely have heard of Al Franken, now a Democrat Senator representing Minnesota and former SNL staff comedian. But did you know he once "joked" about raping journalist Lesley Stahl. He did. And now he's campaigning for Obama and Slo Joe Biden. Weekly Standard

  • A Fox News Poll of likely voters (polls of likely voters are always more precise) has Romney at 45% and Obama at 44%. But the polling of independents has to give the Obama campaign the hee-bee-jee-bee's.  Romney leads Obama among Independents 42-32%. In 2008, Obama led McCain among Independents 52-44%. It's certainly amazing that an incumbent, who has spent over $130 million against Romney, is unable to shake him off his heels. It cannot be good news for the Obama campaign.
  • A USA TODAY/Gallup Poll has me scratching my head. While Romney has significant leads when it comes to the economy (52-43%) and the budget deficit (54-39%) over Obama, the president leads Romney in the areas of foreign affairs, energy, taxes and health care.

  • How can Obama have a lead over Romney in the handling of energy issues with what we've learned about the millions lost to companies like Solyndra?  How can Obama have a lead over Romney in foreign affairs with the Obama administration's bungling in the Middle East? How can Obama have a lead over Romney in health care with the disaster of ObamaCare?
  • Regarding energy, you probably never heard of Herbert Allison, Jr. That's okay. Most people haven't. But you should know what he did. Not long ago, he performed an independent review that exonerated the Obama administration's program of loans to energy companies. So what's the big deal? Allison contributed over $50 grand to the Obama administration. (AP)
  • Regarding the "Myth of the Arab Spring," it's now being reported that the violence in Syria is bleeding over into Lebanon, Iraq, and Turkey. USA TODAY
  • One point about the economy. The Census Bureau reported that incomes have fallen in the last 4 years. In fact, those 55-64 have seen a drop of almost 10% in their income since 2009. And the biggest drop in income occurred in swing states. Income dropped less in Republican leaning states.
  • The knee-pad media has already launched pieces on Mormonism. ABC did earlier this week (I watched it the first part. It was relatively balanced). NBC is planning a "special." But I have some questions for the media. Did you ever do a piece on Clinton's faith? or Bush's faith? or even Obama's faith? So what's this fascination you have with Romney's faith?