Sunday, August 26, 2012

Obama's Last 4 Years

"Pres. Obama released his new campaign slogan..."Forward." That's a good message for Obama. He's telling voters, "Whatever you do, don't look back at all those campaign promises I made."...Leno


It's said pictures are worth a thousand words,  so I thought I'd review President Obama's last four years in images.

(Note: the economic record is actually worse now. Above are June's numbers)

(An Obama surrogate and chair of the DNC)

(Almost 48 million Americans in poverty. Over 10 million more since 2008)

(Conspicuous knee-pad media bias)

(Jon Corzine bundled over $500 grand for the Obama campaign. He also left NJ bankrupt after his tenure as Governor of NJ)

(Sen. Harry Reid, another Obama surrogate. Looks like a nice guy. He represents Nevada. Nevada has the highest unemployment rate in the nation at 14.1%.  In 2007, it's unemployment rate was 4.6%)

(National debt is now $15.96 trillion. It went up over several hundred thousand as I wrote this sentence).

  (Number of Americans on food stamps now is approximately 48 million)
(This guy is another Obama surrogate. Oh yes, and he also happens to be an MSNBC host)
(These are many of the young voters who voted for Obama in 2008 and plan on voting for him in 2012 even though 1 in 2 cannot find jobs)
(This happens to be our current Vice President)