Monday, August 27, 2012

2016 Documentary: Breaking Box Office Records; Obama & Dems Say Romney Is Extreme: Say What?; Obama Has Millions of Fake Twitter Followers; #BlackConservativesForRomney Do Exist; Republicans Declare A War For Women; Swing States Swinging To Romney; RIP Neil Armstrong

"The difference between liberals and conservatives is that liberals need conservatives to defend their freedom and support them economically." Tweet by JCorb

  • 2016: Obama's America topped the box office this past weekend beating all new films. It has now become the top grossing documentary of the year (excluding nature docs).  However, I did find a comment interesting on Yahoo regarding the film: "Don't need to see a movie to see this Prez sucks...seeing it daily."

  • Pres. Obama and his surrogate like Wasserman Schultz (pictured above) keep proclaiming that Romney is "extreme." Let me see if I understand this. The president does not think that 26 million Americans who are either unemployed or underemployed is extreme? The president does not think that over 45 million Americans on food stamps is extreme? The president does not think some of the highest poverty rates in U.S. history are extreme?  The president does not think a $16 trillion debt is extreme? Give us a break Mr. President. If anyone has been extreme, it's been you and your administration's failed policies.

  • You had to know the knee-pad media would come out and try to connect Bush and Katrina to the GOP convention. It didn't take long. Chuck Todd of NBC said,"the shadow of Bush and Katrina" hangs over the GOP convention. These sleazebags are as predictable as what the economy will look like if Obama gets reelected.
  • During the ObamaCare debate 3 years ago, the President and Democrats all said if ObamaCare is passed, costs would go down. This headline in USA TODAY: "Employers Try New Ways To Cut Health Costs." They point out that the total cost of health care is "predicted to rise 5.3% to $11,507.00 per employee in 2013."
  • Gee what a surprise! An Occupy Wall Street misfit was stopped near the GOP convention site with a machete strapped to his leg.

  • Did you know that the guy who performed an "independent review" that exonerated the administration's program of loans to energy companies contributed $52,000 to the Obama campaign? He did. His name is Herbert M Allison, Jr. Delaware Daily Time
  • USA TODAY reported that President Obama's Twitter account has 18.8 million followers.  But there's one itsy-bitsy problem. More than half of those followers don't exist. Sounds to me like they will make good voters for Democrats.
  • I've often written that I believe Obama does not like governing or leading (hence the phrase commonly used by those who know him: Obama "leads from behind"). My claim appears to be validated. Charles Gasparino wrote in the NY Post last week that Pres. Obama does not like governing. How does he know this? He's been told by sources within the White House and people who know the president.  For example, he delegated the stimulus program to Pelosi and company. He did the same with ObamaCare. It's been so bad that not only has Obama met with his jobs council only one time. He rarely even meets with Democrat lawmakers much less Republican lawmakers (if you recall, he only met with his military commanders).

  • A recent NBC poll reported that Romney will get zero support from African-Americans. Don't tell that to the African-Americans who support Romney. In fact, there is a group of African-Americans calling themselves #BlackConservativesForRomney. You don't believe me? Check it out for yourself (I read their Tweets everyday). The image above are Black Conservatives supporting Romney.
  • Yo Republicans! Change the the vile rhetoric coming from the Left and declare a "War For Women!" Try it. You'll like it.
  • A new Washington Post Poll has Romney over Obama 47-46%. And according to Rasmussen, Obama won 11 swing states by 7 points in 2008. He leads by 1 point today.

  • RIP Neil Armstrong: A Great American