Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Chris Mathews Is An Ahole; Tolerant Left Would Like To See Hurricane Kill Republicans; 2016 Film Still Smoking At The Box Office; If We Go Off The Economic Cliff, Expect This; States Now $4 Trillion in Debt

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  • I'm now convinced the Democrats and their surrogates in the knee-pad media have more race and class cards in their deck than the Bellagio in Vegas. Chris Mathews pulled the race card out again yesterday on Morning Joe's MSNBC (have you noticed how MSNBC has morphed into a mental institution?). Mathews and his ilk don't even recognize the fact that pulling out the race card obsessively is racist. Moreover, Mathews and his peers have all criticized Herman Cain, Allen West and other esteemed BLACK conservatives in the past. Does that make Mathews a racist? In addition, they've made vile and hateful attacks and remarks about conservative women. Does that make them sexist and misogynist? (It does).

  • I wonder how much money Mathews and his ilk have given to charity. We know Romney gave away over 19% of his salary (while Biden gave a whopping 1.5% {Snopes}). We know his gave his inheritance to charity. We know, after two-sons of a Boston-area family were seriously injured in a car accident, the Romney's offered to pay their colleges expenses. We know when a neighbor's 12-year-old son died, Romney organized the effort to build a playground in the boy's name and led a crew to ensure it was well maintained.  We know when a neighbor's house caught on fire, Romney organized neighbors to run in and salvage their belongings.  We know he spent 2 years in missionary work. We know he passed up a salary of $135,000 a year when he was governor of Mass. We know as he was saving the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics he passed up a salary for 3 years and even donated $1 million of his own money to the Olympic cause.  So I ask you, Chris Mathews: what the f&^k have you done lately?

  • And this from those "tolerant" progressives. Ellen Barkin proclaimed in a Tweet that she hoped the hurricane would "wash every pro life, anti-education, anti-women, xenophobic, gay bashing, racist SOB into the ocean." And another Hollywood genius, Samuel L. Jackson, Tweeted it was "unfair" the hurricane spared the RNC convention. By implication, I guess he meant it was unfair the thousands of other good people lives in the Tampa area were spared.
  • Of course, the Hollywood nitwits won't like this news. 2016: Obama's America, the film about Obama, came in 7th at the box office this past weekend pulling in $6.5 million or almost $6,000 per screen. It's the only film that actually increased in its percentage change from the previous week by an astounding 423%.
  • If Congress fails to act soon, what's at stake? Social Security rates will increase from 4.2% to 6.2%. Every tax bracket will increase by about 3%. The Earned Income Credit will be history. Child tax credits will fall from $1000 to $500. The long-term capital gains on middle-and upper-income taxpayers will go from 15% to 20%. (CBO)

  • As we approach $16 trillion in debt, State Budget Solutions is reporting today that all 50 U.S. states are $4 trillion in debt. Unfunded pension liabilities make up $2.8 trillion of that shortfall. The Hill