Thursday, September 6, 2012

DNC: Boos God; Praises Clinton; DNC Debacle; Illusion and Delusion on Parade; California's Debt Exceeds Greece's Debt

What a difference four years makes. Last time the theme was "Hope and Change." This year  the theme is "Hope You Don't Make A Change."...Leno

  • What does it say for a major political party to boo God and praise a politician like Bill Clinton? Well, that's exactly what the Democrats did last night. Last night, the DNC had to reinstate the language of God and Jerusalem back on their party platform because they had embarrassed themselves so thoroughly in the face of the entire nation. Yet, even as the statements were reinstated, at least half of the delegates still booed God and Jerusalem.
  • And it took LA Mayor Villaraigosa three attempts to get God and Jerusalem back on the party platform. As I listened and watched, I could see St. Peter wincing.

  • And leave it to the nitwit Debbie Wasserman Schultz who actually said leaving those words out was a "technical oversight." Everyone knows that yet another lie by the chair of the DNC since the platform was approved prior to last night's debacle.

  • And not only are Israelis ticked off, but now even the  Palestinian thugs and murderers are angry because Jerusalem was back on the front burner.

  • But then, the savior---Bill Clinton---could not have arrived on the scene soon enough. After a day of one speech after another just whining and blaming and offering one excuse after another, Bubba took the stage. And no matter what any Republican or conservative is saying today, Bubba can captivate an audience. The problem, of course, is that he's not the president.
  • Bill Clinton might have been "on his game" in the eyes of the mesmerized delegates. He was not "on his game" with the facts. Of course, he touted his accomplishments without mentioning the fact he had a Republican controlled-Congress. And even as he tried to defend Obama, unfortunately the facts got in the way. As I wrote several days ago, how can any Democrat defend 23 million out of work? How can anyone defend almost 800,000 women driven out of the workforce in the last 3 years? How can anyone defend 48 million Americans on food stamps? And on and on and on.

  • All Americans witnessed last night was illusion and delusion on parade.

  • But all is not lost for the DNC, their messiah will be front and center tonight.
  • The Washington Guardian is reporting this morning as Obama and the Dems hammer Romney for outsourcing jobs, Obama's own jobs-council includes executives who have outsourced jobs to China and imported 20 billion pounds of shipment from China. Betcha won't hear Pres. Obama bringing that fact up tonight.
  • And how bad a shape is California in right now? The state's debt is now higher than that of Greece. And just this morning, Greece is reporting an unemployment rate of 24.4%.
  • AP is now reporting that the Eurozone (17 countries) is moving quickly toward another recession. If it happens, the consequences for the global economy will not be pleasant.