Friday, September 7, 2012

Obama's Speech: Old, Stale Rhetoric; Pathetic Economic #'s Continue to Come In; Bill Clinton Could Not Beat Honey Boo Boo; While Dems Hammer Wealthy, They Are Also Reaching Out To Them For Cash

After watching Obama's speech last night, Bill Clinton sat back, lit up a illegal Havana and said proudly, "Damn, I'm still the king." Tweet paraphrase.

  • After all that old, stale garbage was spewed last night about how things are looking better, let's get some breaking news in first: The unemployment rate fell from 8.3% to 8.1%. But there's a reason for the drop. More people dropped out of the labor force. Total number not in the labor force now (get the duct tape out): almost 89 million.  In fact, the workforce participation for men is the lowest in over 6 decades. A whopping 96,000 jobs were allegedly created (economists expected double that number). But what they don't tell you is what is the "net jobs" number.  119,000 fewer people were working in August. That leaves a net loss of 23,000 jobs. And, as always, the 96,000 number will be revised DOWN quietly next week.

  • Regarding Obama's speech last night, the reviews---from the Left and Right---have not been flattering at all. Many agree it was the same old stale rhetoric. In fact, the fascinating parts of the speech was his attacking Romney for having no plan. Yet, he attacked Romney's plan without presenting his own plan. And, as Dick Morris (Clinton's old strategist) pointed out, the reason Clinton balanced the budget is because Clinton cut capital gains taxes on the wealthy. Obama conveniently neglected to tell the nation that part. His speech is summed up well in the post-it image above.
  • But there was a conspicuous difference in both conventions. The RNC was about helping the country. The DNC was about helping Obama get reelected. And I also found it very weird to listen to all the speeches about abortion and contraception when 23 million Americans are out of work. I could not help thinking what those folks were thinking as they watched the DNC speakers. Were they laughing or were they crying?

  • And what can be said about Slo Joe Biden that has not been said already. As I watched him speak for a brief period of time, I fully expected to see one of those cartoon bubbles about his head explaining what the hell he was talking about.

  • But the scariest part of Obama's speech was when he basically said he needs more time because he's not done yet. He said, "It will take more than a few years to solve he challenges that have built up over decades." So now, he's not only blaming Bush, he's blaming Clinton too. In other words, he wants us to keep feeding this bloated government.

  • There is a bit of bad news for Bill Clinton. In the ratings war, he tied Honey Boo Boo.
  • While the DNC continued to hammer the wealthy, this from U.S. TODAY: "Democrats Shift Focus To Wealthy Donors To Super PACs."
  • After all is said and done, I have a new slogan the Republicans can use: "Four More Months! Four More Months!."
  • Obama did tell the truth once last night when he said of the election, "the clearest choice of any time in a generation."
  • And regarding the handling of foreign policy, two headlines in USA TODAY sums it up" "U.S. Policy On China Sees Little Progress" and "Israel, U.S. Still Divided Over Handling Of Iran."