Monday, September 10, 2012

Journalism Is Dead; Dems Cheer Lousy Economy; The GM/Chevy Volt Scam; College Tuition Scam; Rham Emanuel Now Screwing Chicago

Bill Clinton said Pres. Obama inherited a deeply damaged economy. And if he's re-elected, he'll inherit an even more deeply damaged economy...Leno

  • It's no secret that journalism died some time ago (it was in its death throes during the Clinton administration and it died in 2008 when they all became presstitutes for the Obama campaign). But now we have proof. Just look at the image of the ahole above.

  • And just last week, a former CNN reporter blew the whistle on CNN's bias and censorship. Unfortunately, the DNC convention last week overshadowed this story.
  • What does it say for a Democrat Convention when its delegates cheer "4 More Years" for Obama just as the nation crossed the threshold into a $16 trillion debt? What does it say for Democrats to cheer "4 More Years" when 23 million Americans are unemployed and underemployed? What does it say for a party that cheers "4 More Years" just as 48 million Americans hop on the food stamp train? What does it say for a convention that focused on contraception, birth control and abortion when millions of Americans are out of work? It says they are delusional and bankrupt. That's what it says.
  • There are now 2.75 million less jobs than when Pres. Obama took office.  Those between the ages of 16-25 have not seen unemployment like they are now experiencing since 1955.
  • The NY Daily News is reporting today that there are now 19,000 homeless children in NYC shelters.
  • I also have to wonder how Pres. Obama must feel being portrayed as a victim for 3 days.

  • And some advice for Sandra Fluke, the political narcissist used by the Democrats. Remember Cindy Sheehan? Well, when she was no longer of any use to the Left, they abandoned her.

  • It's also no secret that the bailout of GM was a big scam perpetuated on the American taxpayer. It's why the over-used bumper, "Osama is dead; GM is alive," is nonsense. Reuters is reporting this morning the government is losing $49,000 per Volt it builds. But that's not the rest of the story. The rest of the story is this piece of junk cost almost $90 grand to produce. And the Obama administration invested $1.2 billion of tax payer money into this scam. Moreover, the vehicle is not selling. A Chevy dealer in Toms River, NJ, sold a whopping ONE VOLT last year. They normally sell about 100 Chevy's a month. Remember, this is also the same administration that started the "Clunker" program. The consequences of destroying so many good vehicles is now many used car prices have gone through the roof. Simple example of supply and demand.

  • Those of you who have been reading my work for a while know I've often also written about the scam of high college tuition costs. USA TODAY proved my claim.  They point out that 74 U.S. colleges and universities have endowments of more than $1 billion. In addition, from 2006 on, tuition and fees rose 30% above inflation. In 2005, the average student loan debt was $15,600. Now it's $24,300. The scam has finally got the attention of Congress. They held hearings in July asking questions why tuitions have risen so rapidly. I'll tell you why. Have you driven by any major university lately? They never stop building new facilities. In addition, they pay most professors unsustainable salaries NOT to teach. I know. I taught on the college level. I taught a "whopping" 9 hours a week.
  • Some examples of these endowments include Harvard at almost $32 billion. Yale at just over $19 billion. Princeton at $17 billion. MIT at about $10 billion and Texas A&M at $7 billion.

  • Folks, the Left's hostility to Israel is old news. But know this about the DNC's platform last week in initially excluding Jerusalem from their party platform: it was done to appease the Palestinians.  And remember, this administration is no friend of Israel. They wanted Israel to return to its pre-1967 borders. They've also treated Prime Minister Netanyahu very poorly.
  • If you want to see how well former Pres. Obama's chief aid is doing, just look at what is happening in Chicago lately. Shootings and murders through the roof and now a major teacher's strike. Rham Emanuel deserves what he gets. He screwed the country. Now he's screwing Chicago.