Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fact Checkers: Democrats Launched Their Convention With Lies; Wasserman Schultz Caught Lying About Lying; DNC: God is Dead; Women Voters Turning Against Obama Polls Show

Watching the Democrats lecture the country about the debt and deficit is like watching Michael Moore lecturing us about dieting.

  • $16 Trillion: That is now our debt. If one were to spend almost a million dollars a minute from the time of Christ, you would reach that number today. It comes out to about $137,000 per household.
  • Debbie Wasserman Schultz was caught in yet another lie. But I'll get back to that one later.
  • Yesterday I started a thread of Tweets about what the "over/under" would be for Democrats to start spouting lies, mentioning Bain, proclaiming the rich should pay their "fair share," Romney and his taxes,  etc. etc. Well, it didn't take long. Newark Mayor Cory Booker went on a tirade about the rich not paying their fair share.  Harry Reid brought up the issue of Romney's taxes.
  • But let's get back to lies. Even the knee-pad media fact-checkers had to admit the Democrats were loaded with lies.  For example, the Washington Post fact-checkers pointed out this morning that San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro's claim in his keynote address of "4.5 million new jobs" is factually wrong. They point out the Dept. of Labor's statistics show job creation in Obama's entire presidency is either minus 300,000 or plus 160,000, depending on whether you date his presidency from January or February.
  • The WAPO fact-checks also reported what Castro said about the Romney-Ryan budget cuts is patently false. The fact-checkers also pointed out Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and her claim about Republicans cutting Medicare is false.
  • The paper also reminds readers that Harry Reid's claim yesterday that Romney pays a lower tax rate than middle-class families is a bold-faced lie. In fact, they point out Reid earned Three Pinocchios for making that claim at an earlier date.
  • But the lies did not end there. Even fact-checking Michelle Obama's speech, lies were prevalent.  For example, in her speech, she alluded to how hard the early years were for both of them.  The fact is both attended elite private schools.  They both attended Ivy League schools.  They purchased a $278,000 condo in 1993. In 2000, they moved into a $1.6 million mansion in Hyde Park. After Pres. Obama became state senator, Michelle Obama was earning $316,000 as a hospital administrator. Breitbart

  • So what can we expect to hear from Bill Clinton tonight?  By the way, did you know when Bubba left office, his approval rating was a whopping 39%? (It is now 69% according to Gallup).
  • In fact, in the recent ABC Poll, even Pres. Obama's popularity is fading.  It's now down to 47% or 7 points less than it was a few months ago. In fact, a lot of the downturn in his approval rating occurred because he lost more support of women.

  • And then there's Debbie Wasserman Schultz the DNC chair. She makes lying an art. On Monday, she claimed Israel's ambassador to the United States, Michael Oren, said the Republicans were "dangerous" to Israel. Oren shot back and denied that claim. But then Schultz said she never said that. There's just one itsy-bitsy problem with her claim: it's on tape. This nitwit can't even tell a lie without lying about the lie.
  • And to make matters worse, the DNC platform makes no mention of Jerusalem this year.
  • Oh, and no mention of God either. They pulled any mention of God from their convention too.
  • Since Facebook went public, it's lost $50 million in market value.