Tuesday, September 4, 2012

How Will Democrats Defend Obama's Dismal Record This Week?

"...More than half of Pres. Obama's Twitter followers are fake...Which is actually a good thing. If they did exist, there wouldn't be any jobs for them."...Leno

There are two important questions Democrats are evading as their convention begins this week.

The first one is Reagan's  often quoted question to the country when he was running against Jimmy Carter: Are you better off than you were four years ago? (a poll out just today from The Hill reports that a majority of Americans---52%---they are worse off today than they were in September 2008).

And the other question also gets to the heart of the dilemma facing Democrats: How do you defend such a dismal record?

I'm going to focus on the second question today.

  • How do you defend almost 4 years of unemployment over 8%? (approximately 23 million Americans either unemployed or underemployed. Unemployment, not counting underemployment for blacks stands at 15%  For younger blacks, it's stands at 17.3% up from 13.4% in 2009).
  • How do you defend food stamp use---as reported just today---climbing to 46.7 million Americans?

  • How do you defend a record number of Americans in poverty at over 46 million, an increase of over 6 million since Pres. Obama took office?
  • How do you defend not having a federal budget for over 3 years now?
  • How do you defend a deficit of over $1 trillion for the 4th year in a row?
  • How do you defend a national debt that grew more in 3 years than in the 8 years of Pres. Bush (and he over-spent too) this week to surpass $16 trillion?

  • How do you defend the nonsense and incompetence that went on with "green" companies like Solyndra (where tax payer money was wasted while donors got plumb jobs)?
  • How do you defend Fast and Furious?

  • How do you defend the nonsense and charges against Republicans like the phony war on women; racism; class warfare; scaring the elderly (the Medicare "cuts" scare) and countless other distortions? (Just last week, that fake, phony and fraud, Debbie Wasserman Schultz---Dem Party chairwoman---said of Condi Rice and Susana Martinez, the first female Hispanic governor in America, were simply "shiny packaging." Yet, their female hero is Sandra Fluke, a bright 30-year old women, who said she was unable to fund her own birth control unless the government subsidizes it).
  • How do you defend all of the national security leaks coming out of the White House?
  • How do you defend a dismal Middle East foreign policy record?
  • How do you defend an administration that constantly whines and blames others for their own mistakes, incompetence and poor leadership?

  • And finally, how do you defend keeping this guy on as your Vice President? (After Biden's U-Haul was stolen  in Detroit this weekend right from under the noses of the Secret Service,  Biden was speaking to some supporters, and he said it was too hot to explain why we're better off than we were four years ago).

The above are just a small sampling of the dilemma facing Democrats this week.

So how are they going to reconcile this "inconvenient" dilemma? They'll do it the same way they do everything:  by lying and distorting the truth. And they will continue to have an accomplice and convenient ally to help them get those lies out to the public---the knee-pad media.