Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Reasons Why I Cannot Vote For Obama

Headline on front page of NY Post shows Ahmadinejad flashing the peace sign with his fingers. NY Post caption beside this prick reads: "Peace of Sh!t." One of the reasons why the NY Post is one of my favorite rags.

One of the disturbing realities in America today is that real journalism is dead. The Presstitutes in most of media are major suck-ups to Obama. That's a fact that is undeniable. The evidence is now overwhelming. Taking this reality into consideration, it's time I list my reasons I cannot---in good conscience---vote for Obama.

The suck-ups and cult crowd will care less about the reasons I'm about to list. However, there are some who are still undecided who actually think for themselves, and I know they will consider my argument. Many independents fall into the same category. So let's get down to business.

The following are reasons why I can not to vote for Obama (by the way, if you're looking for things like, "He's a Socialist" or any birther related issues, then stop reading now. While I'm on board with some of those type of criticisms especially his "socialist" tendencies (he admitted himself when he said he supports "redistribution" of wealth),  I'm going to make every effort to focus directly on his policies and his job performance, performance and policies I believe have done great harm to the country or will do more harm to the country if he is re-elected):

  • After four years on the job, Obama still sucks at doing his job.
  • After four years of  doing things that don't work, he keeps repeating them.
  • One of his first actions as president was to insult Britain (by returning the bust of Winston Churchill, a gift to the American people by the British government) and Poland (by putting a stop to their missile and nuclear shield program).
  • One of his other initial actions as president was to hire, as Sect. of Treasury and head of the IRS, a man who had not even paid his own taxes.
  • His appointing many unaccountable czars, several with disturbing backgrounds (such as Van Jones).
  • The Fast and Furious scandal and Eric Holder.
  • Shutting down the Keystone Pipeline.

  • The failed Stimulus program even Obama admitted "shovel-ready" was not shovel ready as "we expected."
  • ObamaCare (he lied about ObamaCare reducing costs as evidenced by CBO data and data coming from reputable sources).
  • "Leading From Behind" as evidenced by his being AWOL from his job, ie. Fundraising while Rome is burning. Failing to meet with his allies (such as Israel) but willing to meet with Letterman, Jay-Z, and the yentas on The View.
  • Unemployment over 8% for over 40 months. He promised unemployment would be under 7% by now.
  • 1 in 2 college grads cannot find work.  Official unemployment rate for blacks is 14% and for Latinos approximately 10%.
  • Four straight years of over $1T deficits. He promised he would cut it in half by the end of his first term.
  • Downgrade by Standard and Poor of America's credit rating.
  • Missed half of his intelligence briefings.
  • Failed to meet with his jobs council for over 6 months.
  • Record levels of poverty and Americans on food stamps.
  • He believes in the "redistribution" of wealth (his own words).
  • He believes big government can solve all our problems (the truth is: they are responsible for many of our current problems).
  • He still wants to raise taxes. He still believes raising taxes will lead to prosperity.
  • He's divisive: class warfare, phony war on women, race cards, war on faith, etc.
  • "Bump in the road."

  • Failing to ensure our embassies were properly defended especially on the anniversary of 9/11 resulting in the murder and brutalization of our ambassador and 3 other great Americans.
  • His administration wanted to try 9/11 terrorists in NY City.
  • He broke countless promises on being transparent. He promised ObamaCare negotiations would be televised on C-Span.
  • Bowing to a Saudi Prince and the Japanese emperor.
  • Consistently using demonizing rhetoric and derogatory innuendo in describing private enterprise, physicians, members of the Supreme Court, Fox News,  insurance companies, bankers, Wall Street (even though he surrounded himself with Wall Streeters), the auto industry, the coal industry, states that want stronger illegal immigration laws, states that have or want Voter ID laws, etc.
  • No federal budget approved in over 3years (Yes, Congress approves the budget, but Congress turned down his submitted budgets because they sucked. He didn't even get one Democrat to vote  in support of any of his proposed budgets)

  • The Obama campaign flag. A disgrace.
  • Failed "green" energy initiatives such as Solyndra and the Chevy Volt costing American taxpayers billions.
  • Vehicle "Clunker" Program was stupid. Perfectly good vehicles were destroyed. This resulted in used cars now being more expensive, especially for the poor and middle-class. Simple supply vs demand that he obviously does not understand.

  • Some of his constituents and base include misfits, thugs and felons like Occupy Wall Street and associates in ACORN.
  • Middle East and N. African foreign policy failures.

  • There is now ample evidence Obama, his administration and his campaign have not been truthful on numerous occasions (enabled by the presstitutes in the media).
  • And enough of the blame game already. How about taking responsibility for your own failures?
  • And this guy could still remain as Vice President.

There are many other valid reasons. If these are not enough, then you should consider counseling.