Monday, March 28, 2016

Islamist Apologist Meet Capt. Obvious

"We win. They lose."  ...Ronald Reagan when asked by his national security adviser to state his {Reagan's} strategy against the Soviet Union

Unfortunately today's global leadership hasn't taken Reagan's advice when it comes to defeating radical Islamists.  The Obama administration certainly hasn't.  This is an administration that even refuses to define our enemy.

Even more disturbing is the feckless posture of the global community in confronting the widespread tentacles these barbaric savages have spread in just more than a decade. For example, since 9/11/01, there have been over 28,000 deadly terrorist attacks.  In just the past month alone, 21 attacks have taken place resulting in 187 killed and 386 injured in 10 countries. This data also includes 8 suicide attacks. (Source: The Religion of Peace).

As I mentioned in my last post, one reason is the warped and often dangerous ideology of political correctness.  Brussels learned that hard lesson last week.  As the New York Post pointed out so well: "Belgium thought it was a 'good' nation---coddling radical Muslims and downplaying its own Democratic values. But when immigrants aren't pushed to be citizens, aren't told they must respect the nation's values, they become the enemy within."  In other words, immigrants (legal and illegal) have been allowed to build a state within a state. This can be seen throughout Europe in what are commonly referred to as "No Go Zones."  In short, these are Muslim dominated communities that are generally off-limits to non-Muslims. (Note: There has been some disagreement among observers whether these areas should be referred to as "No Go Zones." Most countries in which these areas thrive contend they have not given up their sovereignty to these segregated communities. Nevertheless, however they are defined, they do pose problems to many European countries).   Muslims create these segregated communities rather than integrating into the culture and society of the nation in which they live.  Even more disturbing, many of these communities become breeding grounds for radical Islamists.  To be fair, many communities---even in the United States---have their own form of "No Go Zones" when it comes to the plethora of street gangs that infect local communities.  The difference is even the gangs generally assimilate as have immigrant communities in the past.  However, as indicated earlier,  Europe has allowed states to be created within states. To borrow a phrase from Amir Taheri, this often results in a "world of illusions and false identities."

Ralph Peters described it best: "American Muslims are yet  another of our nation's success stories...We get genuine immigrants seeking their American dream. Europe gets fanatical colonizers...Don't think there's a difference? Check out Brussels.

Or have a chat with Capt. Obvious.

Postscript:   And now Orlando even though the Obama administration refuses to admit it.