Monday, September 24, 2012

Relax America: Obama Said Terrorist Attacks Are Merely "Bumps In The Road;" No Time For BB; But Time For Whoopi; Presstitutes & Those Pesky Volatile Polls; IPhone5 Stimulates Economy

Newborn Loses Faith In Humanity After A Record 6 Days...The Onion

  • Most of my regular readers know I usually like to start my blog with either a headline from The Onion or a late-night joke. What most of my readers might not know is how bias both are. For example, The Onion's political pages are mostly all about bashing Romney. There is absolutely no balance in that supposedly satirical publication. Regarding the late night comics, I did a joke count covering about a week. The jokes about Romney and Obama were about 8-1 attacking Romney. In other words, both are cowards.

  • So, did you know that our president---the President of the United States---perceives terrorist attacks where 4 great Americans were killed and the rioting by Islamists in about 16 countries---are only "bumps in the road?" Well, he did on "60 Minutes." That's a disgrace.
  • We know it must only be a mere bump in the road since the president  and First Lady will be appear on "The View." But he has no time to meet with BB Netanyahu but has time to meet with Whoppi.
  • There were reports last week and this week, that the ambassador feared an al-Qaeda hit. He wrote about it in his own journal later reported by CNN.

  • Has anyone in the administration bothered to ask this question: What if Syria's murderous dictator actually defeats the those Syrians now uprising against him? Hey, just askin.'
  • Last week, as the Middle East was raging, the #Presstitutes here were reporting on Romney's alleged bad week. Well, his week was so bad that his polling numbers are tied with Obama. In fact, in Pennsylvania---where the Philadelphia Inquirer (a liberal suck-up rag. When John F. Kerry was running, this rag actually ran about 20 editorials endorsing Kerry) actually had the balls to report that Obama was up 11 points in the state. The Pittsburgh Trib is reporting that Obama leads Romney in PA by a whopping 2 points---47-45%. Even the Philadelphia Inquirer is admitting today that the demographics in PA make political forecasts difficult. In other words, they are admitting they screwed up in their own polling.
  • A word about those polls: remember, they are only snapshots in time.  For example, when a convention is over, people feel good about their candidate. When a poll is taken subsequent to that convention, you'll get a bump. Human nature.  In addition, polling during this period are exceedingly volatile.  Carter was leading Reagan as late as the last week in October.  George W Bush was 10 points down in September of 2000. It's how the media got in wrong in 1948 when newspaper headlines declared "Dewey Beats Truman."
  • By the way, according to the most recent Politico-George Washington University Battleground Poll, Romney has a 14 point lead over Obama with middle-class voters. My God! How can that be? He had such a bad two weeks.
  • "Once again, the media goes blithering insane. Rasmussen shows Romney inching into a lead in the battleground states. One more disastrous week for Romney and he could win by a landslide." Andrew Klavan, PJ Media

  • USA TODAY is reporting the new IPhone may actually stimulate the economy. Imagine that? Apple will do a better job that the almost trillion dollars did with the Obama administration's stimulus program.
  • The latest census figures are reporting that 17 states experienced HIGHER poverty rates between 2010-2011. Only one state had a decrease: Vermont.