Friday, October 5, 2012

7.8% Unemployment: Real or Bogus?; "Real"Unemployment Rate Still At 15%; 67.2 Viewed the Debate; Romney Pulls Ahead in VA & Ohio; #Presstitutes Reaction To Debate

"The only people who thought Obama won {the debate} were the replacement refs."...Leno

  • Unemployment fell to 7.8%. That's a good headline number. Dems and the administration will glom on to his numbers to say there is a recovery taking place (hard to make that case when the GDP dropped to 1.2% last quarter revised down from a pathetic 2%).  Conservatives are already questioning the validity of the numbers. The fact is there is some truth to both of those observations. So let's take a hard look at these numbers and some facts.

  • When unemployment rose to 7.7% under Bush in 2009 (his overall unemployment average for his eight years was 5.3%), Democrats pounced on Bush declaring 7.7% was unacceptable. Until last month, the unemployment rate was over 8% for over 40 straight months. So, taking a cue from the Democrats, 7.8% is nothing to be proud of. In addition, when you look closely at these numbers, several interesting data points pop. For example, the feds added thousands of jobs in the last three months. In fact, the unemployment numbers for the feds is at 4.3% now. In addition, the surge in employment is largely due to the addition of part-time employees not full-time employees.
  • Regarding the conservatives claim that the number was manipulated, I can't jump on that bandwagon unless I see evidence of it. It does appear strange that the number would drop RIGHT BEFORE THE ELECTION.

  • These numbers also do not even keep up with monthly population growth. In order to get out of this economic mess, we need to see over 300,000 jobs created each month for several years.
  • So what conclusion can one come to now? The fall in unemployment is the result of the feds adding thousands of jobs in the summer and a rise in part-time unemployment. And the real unemployment rate---those underemployed and unemployed---is still closer to 15%. That translates to about 23M Americans.
  • And a good reporter should investigate how the feds added thousands of jobs during a period when the fed is broke.
  • The final numbers are in for the debate this week: 67.2 million viewers. That means 67.2 million Americans watched Romney hammer Obama. That means a large majority of those 67M will tell their friends and family that Romney won (and, for many, it was the first time they really watched Romney on the big stage). In other words, most of the voters in America now know Romney performed well. Romney did not appear the monster he's been made out to be by the presstitutes and the Obama campaign. And, he simply made more sense.
  • So what are we hearing from the Left in response to the president's poor debate performance? They are making claims that Romney lied. Fact checkers have countered that claim in most cases. But don't you find it interesting these creeps are throwing that charge around after the lie upon lie we've heard after the embassy was attacked.
  • AP is reporting that a film depicting the raid on Osama will air on the National Geographic Channel Nov 4, before the election.
  • Rasmussen is now reporting that Romney has pulled ahead in VA 48-47%.  The Washington Examiner (a conservative publication) is reporting today that Romney has pulled ahead of Obama among "certain" voters 51-48%.
  • If you want to see how the presstitutes reacted to Romney trouncing Obama, you only need to look on the faces of these two nitwits when the debate ended: